Joshy Bear, I suspect by the time you are old enough to read this you’ll potentially disown me for calling you Joshy Bear! What can I say – it’s a cute nickname and it suits… View Post

Hey Fi circa 2015 I’m Fi from three years down the line. This time three years ago you were awaiting the arrival of your first baby, who unbeknown to you was a beautiful boy; Josh.… View Post

  Unless you are parenting a child who has autism, the brutal truth is, it’s pretty much impossible to get it. And that’s a harsh reality for you and for me because sometimes it can… View Post

A trip to a soft play centre. A typical, mundane parenting situation. For us it was more like one small step for Josh, one giant leap for a Mummy like me! I can’t explain the… View Post

I feel like I’ve spent a good year waiting for things. Waiting for Josh to turn two (the magical age everyone told me to wait to till he might start to speak), waiting for the… View Post

Wow! Today Holly is 9 months old. Meaning she has been here as long as I carried her inside me. I can’t quite believe it. The last few months have gone by much quicker than… View Post

For creatures that are dependant on us lowly parents for everything from milk, bum cleaning, through to the low moment of them vomiting on you (and if you’re really lucky, aiming fire with said vomit… View Post

On 13th February this year I made a phone call following some advice from a health visitor to a Speech and Language therapist asking for some help, some guidance because my two year old wasn’t… View Post