Autumn, you beauty…. we meet again. Every year, whilst everyone else is savouring those last few days of summer, I am quietly counting down to September. Since being a child I’ve adored Autumn and when… View Post

These are the words Josh’s paediatrician asked me towards the end of our appointment where his diagnosis was being discussed and determined. “And what about you, how are you doing”? I remember being surprised at… View Post

  “It’s unlikely to be anything else”. These were the words spoken by Josh’s paediatrician, all but confirming what we had long since suspected but had waited months upon months for professional confirmation on. Josh… View Post

I look down at Josh, on the floor. I know he’s gone into that zone and it’s going to be hard to pull him back. He’s sobbing hysterically, on the verge of hyperventilating which I… View Post

This week is World Breastfeeding Week and with it being a subject very close to my heart I knew I’d want to write a post about it. Every time I start to write or talk… View Post

OK nobody panic; Holly was born like, yesterday (!) and now all of a sudden she is 6 months old. How on earth did that happen! It has flown by – I can’t even describe… View Post