Monday Motivation – Believe in YOU!

IMG_1044Morning lovelies

And a happy Monday to you all! I’ve no doubt today is going to be a tough Monday for many. The Summer holidays are over, everyone is back to school and work and there’s a sense of back to normal. But don’t be despondent. As I’ve said many times, I think this is a great time of year and I’m very much seeing it as a new adventure, a new chapter. It doesn’t matter if right now isn’t a new year; it’s a new part of my story!

girl bossAs I’m sure you all know by now I am very excited about my new website (I know, I know, I’ve said it about 8 zillion times in the space of 48 hours). But the reason I am so excited is for what is yet to come. Sometimes you can have a good feeling about things. Not for any particular reason, you’ve no proof any good is going to come of certain projects but you just have that underlying gut instinct that something may well just work out for you.  I think it’s great to have that attitude. It’s always so much easier to be somewhat negative, to not get your hopes up. And whilst that is a sensible thing to do in some circumstances, I think it’s also important to have a little faith in yourself.

make it happenWe can’t always control every aspect of our lives, but there is a huge amount we CAN control. And if you really want something, strive for something, visualise yourself doing it and achieving it, then I truly believe you can make it happen. You are the one who can do that; with the right attitude, hard work, determination and positive influences in your life. People who are proud of you, happy for you, appreciative of you. These are things that can spur you on. Even the most determined people can have moments where they feel like giving up, or are stuck in a rut. But with the right energies around you and having that belief in yourself, I have no doubt you can achieve your goals.

And if you come across people who don’t encourage you, or mock your goals, don’t allow them to pull you down. Use their sucky (thank you Lauren Conrad for creating that saying) attitudes to spur you on, push you towards your goals and remind you that actually you can achieve what you want. You deserve it, and you will.

actually I canHave a good week, be kind, be happy, be positive!

Lots of Love



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