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Well, what a week! It’s been a manic one complete with my toddler having a poo on the rug I’d spent the last three weeks cleaning after he’d projectile vomited all over it. The joys of motherhood.

So I’ve had a few things on my mind this week and one of them was about who reads this blog. More specifically, which of my friends and family read it.

I know life is busy. Believe me! I spend most of my time not knowing my arse from my elbow, and God bless my friends for repeatedly reminding me about the upcoming social events we plan that I then manage to forget all about! We don’t always have time to read or in fact, do, everything that we want to.

There are certain people I know who read virtually every single blog post I write; my brother will reads every post I do as do some of my closest friends. But I know not everyone has the time. However I will admit, sometimes it stings a little bit when others that I am close to don’t read anything I write, and to be honest don’t even acknowledge this little place I put my heart and soul into!

The Husband doesn’t read everything I write by any stretch of the imagination! Sometimes it bothers me, especially if I’ve written a post aimed at him (don’t worry, I made him read this one!) but I know that perhaps me wittering on about missing breastfeeding, or raving about a new mascara isn’t for him. It’s a shame sometimes because as you all know, I write brutally honestly and from the heart and I think that really comes across on my blog and he’d probably find some of what I have to say quite funny. Perhaps it’s because he’s the “baby daddy” (CRINGE) and he knows the craziness that is being a parents.

There are some people in my life, family members and friends, who I honestly think don’t even realise that I blog! They certainly never ask about it much less read it and they don’t follow any of my social media accounts. I can’t lie, sometimes it hurts a bit. I know that perhaps they aren’t interested in what I have to say and that’s fair enough; who wants to read something that’s of no genuine interest to them. I think the thing that gets to me more is the support side of it; I always support those who I am close to in life and I am always so grateful to receive the same back in return.

I suppose I am quite a sensitive person. It’s one of those situations where you question yourself; should I be bothered by such things. I did ask a few opinions about other bloggers thoughts on this subject and I got such an interesting response. Many felt the same way as I do; they’d be a little bit hurt if their nearest and dearest didn’t read their blogs. I also got a response from someone who said she genuinely wasn’t bothered because she writes for her and no one else; it’s her space and if others aren’t invested in it that’s fine. I admired this hugely! I do have the same thoughts with my blog; I do it for me and I’m confident in what I write and have to say, but when it comes to those I am close to reading it, or not, then my confidence in this sense wavers.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be sensitive to these things though. I am proud of my blog. And I’m so proud to be a self labelled Mummy Blogger! Because I think there is such a huge need for Mum Bloggers now. I’ve had people ask why I write, what I think it’s going to achieve, what’s the point in it and so on. I don’t think anyone asks these questions maliciously; I think anyone that doesn’t blog doesn’t quite realise or appreciate how much work goes into blogging. As I’ve already said, I for one pour my heart and soul into my words. I wear my heart on my sleeve. And people can relate to me; I’m real, I’m honest and I am proud of that. As time goes on with my blog and my little following grows, I hope that those I am close to do get a chance to read what I have to say, and more importantly, enjoy it.

I just want to make people smile.




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  1. Gemma
    April 15, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Me & my exploding boobs are reading 😂 x x

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