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  • 2016 v 2017

    Hey Guys,

    I hope everyone is doing well so far this year. You will know, if you follow my Twitter, that I have not been one of these dedicated people eating kale and renewing their gym membership; I have been drinking the left over Christmas prosecco and munching my way through a left over bag of quality street! Epic fail. I am going to be attempting to be much better with my 5 a day this year so I really need to get my arse into gear!

    Anyway, todays post is something I saw on Pinterest and thought I’d have a go at doing. It’s looking back at last year and looking forward to this year.  So here goes!


    My Biggest Accomplishment:

    Getting through the first year of motherhood despite the lack of sleep, having no idea what I was doing, having people judge me for how I parent, being made to feel guilty for all manner of things (including losing my baby weight – shame on you skinny haters), and an insane amount of pressure that I mostly put on myself to be the perfect Mum! The main accomplishment though is that I now realise there is no perfect Mum – it’s a case of doing your best! Which I am – and I have one very happy child to show for it. Happy Days.


    My Goals for this year

    Mostly, be happy! I feel like there are daily reminders of how short life is, and I just want to be happy in everything I do. I don’t want to look back and have any regrets. I want to continue having faith in myself as a Mum, especially if baby number two happens!

    Other goals; be kind, continue to blog and gain a bit more coverage, stop nagging the husband (which I will do, if he would just do the things I ask!), make a success of my PA work, get back to wearing matching underwear, only drink prosecco on a weekend (Hmmmm), stop judging BMW drivers (even though they all seem to want to crash into me), do less worrying that I’m doing a good job – I AM doing a good job! End of.


    My Nicest Memory

    This is impossible to narrow down to just one! Josh’s christening was a very special day. Seeing him grow and play with his little buddies. But if I had to narrow it down to one…..

    When he finally fucking slept through the night!


    When the husband and I went out for his works do and rebelled by getting drunk as skunks, dancing my socks off, sneaking off for a cheeky drunken cigarette (ONCE IN A BLUE MOON – DON’T JUDGE ME) and getting home and dancing round the kitchen whilst eating all the carbs we could get our hands on in a vain attempt to soak up the alcohol before getting up with Josh a few hours later! We had such a giggle that night!


    My Most Beneficial Experience

    I would probably have to say attending BlogFest. It was a real eye opener for me; it showed me how some of us blog very differently from others, it showed me I can blog the way I want to, it inspired me as I got to meet some of my most favourite writers and bloggers and it was an opportunity to finally meet some of my amazing blogging friends in the flesh. The whole day gave me a lot to think about and made me even more enthusiastic about blogging.

    Plus it was an entire day baby and husband free meaning I got to spend the train journey home reading magazines and drinking one of those pikey bottles of wine all to myself whilst in first class. Winning.


    I want to continue

    I want to continue being the positive person that I am, especially in terms of my writing. I take it as such a compliment when people comment on my optimistic attitude. Yesterday I had a phone interview with a lady I am going to be a PA to and she said she could tell I had a warm and positive attitude just from my written career profile! I was so flattered. I like to think my style of writing; friendly, full of banter and the odd swear word (sorry Mummy) and straight to the point, is what makes my blog stand out. So I’m not going to change that. I feel really proud that my personality can come through in my writing.


    My Favourite Book and Film

    Book is without a doubt The Unmumsy Mum! I adore Sarah. I love her writing and I was SO happy to meet her at Blogfest.  The book is such a reassurance to us Mums when we’re having a shit day and we need someone to make us realise it’s not just us!

    Film is a tough one – I’m having a bit of a mind blank as I write this! I loved Bad Moms just cause it was hilarious! Deadpool was also hysterical!


    I Want To Try

    I don’t know if this particularly counts but I want to adopt the way of Hygge way of life. I got the book for Christmas and it’s based on adopting the Danish way of life. Denmark is repeatedly declared the happiest place to live in the world, and Hygge is described as everything from the cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. You know Hygge when you feel it. It is when you are cuddled up on a sofa with a loved one, or sharing comfort food with your closest friends. It is those crisp blue mornings when the light through your window is just right.

    I am all about home comforts and seeing as I am trying to be a bit more relaxed and less stressed this year, to me this feels like the perfect lifestyle to adapt to. I am sure I will let you know how I get on as I progress.   


    My Biggest Challenge & What I Learnt

    Being a Mum! When I was pregnant I read every book going, I hounded everyone for advice, I thought I was prepared.

    The first thing I learnt once I had a baby, other than the fact that epidurals are amazing, is that NOTHING prepares you for having a child. Everything changes; from your pert boobs to your inability to read a magazine in less than a week (in fact I still have last months Womens Health in the cellophane on my desk waiting to be read… I took a subscription out hoping to get healthy post baby…. it’s going really well!). Conversations now revolve around poo, nap times and the fact that sometimes babies are so disgusting they actually vomit into your mouth without warning.

    I may have had all the cute tiny clothes washed and hung up ready to be worn, but I didn’t know I’d be doing at least one load of washing every day for the rest of my bloody days because babies piss, shit and puke on everything within an hour of wearing it.

    I may have read the books about birth and felt like I knew what to expect but I didn’t know it was going to be like being internally prodded with a red hot poker before being cut open because someones head was just so damn big.

    I may have thought I wouldn’t let my child watch TV. I didn’t know that In The Night Garden existed.

    I may have thought I could keep all my photos and books out on the shelves as the baby got older and he would “just have to learn” not to touch them. I didn’t know my kid is so determined that even having given in, moved everything and put sensible corner covers on the furniture in an attempt at baby proofing, he would even rip those off and attempt to eat them.

    I may have thought I’d be able to get the baby into a relaxed routine early on and get him to sleep through the night. I didn’t realise that I wouldn’t get a full nights sleep until the kid was 10 months old and suddenly appreciated the wonder of 12 hours sleep.

    I may have thought our first New Years Eve as parents would be a classy affair, eating all the food I couldn’t eat when I was pregnant and indulging in champagne. I didn’t know that I’d pass out by 10.30, thanks to sheer exhaustion only to be woken in the New Year by an inconsolable child at 1am who took it upon himself to scream himself senseless until dawn broke, he passed out and Mummy stumbled upon the left over champagne which she drank in a sleep deprived haze wondering how on earth she was ever going to cope.

    I didn’t realise the importance of breadsticks (turns out to be one of the best things ever to stop a miserable teething child from going batshit crazy), Upsy Daisy (what a prick tease – poor Iggle Piggle), and jumperoos (the only place I can now put the baby whilst I pee in peace)!

    I may have thought I’d take to motherhood naturally. Turns out, I did. It just throws you a shit load of challenges along the way. Challenges that you didn’t know you’d face head on and deal with. Friends help, family help and wine helps A LOT!

    My house isn’t spotless, somedays we stay in our pyjamas all day, my lounge often looks like Fisher Price has vomited all over it, and sometimes I go to Morrisons without realising I have weetabix in my hair.

    Not having your shit together every morning,
    Or dropping the odd F-bomb and drinking wine.
    Does not make you a totally crap mummy,
    It makes you NORMAL and is totally FINE.


    I Want To Learn/Stop

    Worrying! I am an anxiety riddled woman! No where near as bad as I used to be, but still I am a worry wart. I worry about things that I really shouldn’t. For instance right now as I type this I am stressing cause I can see on the camera that Josh is not napping and is having great fun jumping up and down in his cot. We have a birthday party to go to in 20 minutes and with no nap he will be about as much fun as a wet weekend!  The thing I need to stop doing is stressing – I need to listen to the logical side of my brain which is saying “OK, he won’t nap, he may be a pain later, but he’ll probably go to bed a bit earlier and that will give you time for a bubble bath and to finish this blog post”! Looking at the positives should be easy given that I am a positive person but I am also a stress bucket and that is something I must stop.


    I Travelled To

    Sadly nowhere out of the UK (Oh Maldives, how I miss you)! But we did have lovely UK holidays to Cornwall (epic journey though) and the Peak District. You sometimes forget how many beautiful places there are on our doorstep. I loved both our breaks away but as you’ll know from the blogs I wrote on our return, holidays now that we have a little one are a whole different ball game!


    I Want To Travel To

    Oh where do I begin!  There are so many places I want to go to. We even have a dream list in our kitchen of all the places we want to go to; Australia, Iceland, Santorini! With me no longer bringing in a full time wage, holidays abroad are not as easy to book as they used to be but I’m keeping my fingers crossed we might get to see some summer sun at some point.


    I Failed In


    The only failure is to not try.

    I try every day. I do my best every day. That’s something to be proud of. It’s not a fail. We are all trying. We’re all doing our best. And hand in hand with this, we’re constantly learning the lessons!


    I Promise

    To continue to believe in myself. To be a positive person. To be a good person. To be kind. To let the people I am closest to that I love them. To stop online shopping after a glass of wine. To make sure that most days do not consist of secret chocolate eating. Or counting down to wine. To keep writing in a way that reassures you other lovely Mummies that you’re not the only ones losing the plot. We all have days when we lose our shit – some of us just hide it better than others.

    I promise to be here for any Mumma that ever wants to talk. About anything; the serious stuff – anxiety, miscarriage, struggling to conceive, needing someone to lean on when you’re scared to say out loud that you’re struggling. About the random every day shit; the baby pissing on you, spending an entire day in your pyjamas, dealing with peoples unasked for advice. Laughing at the chaotic crazy life that is Mummahood.

    I promise to never judge a fellow mumma.

    I promise to always be here for you if you want to chat.

    I promise to never take for granted each of you that takes the time to read my blog.

    Happy 2017.





    1. January 4, 2017 / 10:56 am

      Well I’d say that was a pretty good year for you! Such a positive post all round. It was lovely to meet you at Blogfest. Hopefully we’ll get tbe chance to meet up again in 2017! Happy new year and lots of luck with your goals for 2017!! #BloggerClubUK
      Mess & Merlot recently posted…Lean in 15 (years!)My Profile

      • beautybabyandme
        January 4, 2017 / 2:09 pm

        Absolutely chick it’d be great to meet up again! Happy new year hun xx

    2. January 4, 2017 / 1:56 pm

      I love this, Fi! It’s nice to reflect. You definitely have your own style and your personality shines in everything you write, I love it – don’t change that! What a great year you’ve had and I’m sure this one will be just as good. Also your first paragraph made me laugh – hooray for still boozing and eating chocolate at the start of January ???#BloggerClubUK
      Ellen recently posted…Reflections of a mother (one year in…)My Profile

      • beautybabyandme
        January 4, 2017 / 2:09 pm

        Ahh thank you my lovely! I won’t change I promise 🙂 xxx

    3. January 5, 2017 / 6:26 am

      You sound so ready for the next chapter… balancing work with parenting, enjoying the amazing stuff that will
      Come next with Josh… the running around soft play, the hilarious toddler conversations and although a few tantrums thrown in, moving on from those baby days which can be so tough! Until next time that is 😉
      Keep it up with your positive posts Fi, you have such a strong voice and there have been so many times reading your stuff has made me realise I need to get more positive. Xx
      MMT recently posted…It’s not nice to have favourites…My Profile

    4. January 9, 2017 / 12:48 pm

      Ah I’m giggling away at the goal quote at the end just fab! And I agree if you try you haven’t failed. Traveling outside of your country with a baby is a bad plan so I think you have done everything just right! All the best to you for 2017!! Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK xx
      Becky, Cuddle Fairy recently posted…Our Favourite Toys this ChristmasMy Profile

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