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  • 22 Weeks Pregnancy Update

    Don’t worry – I don’t plan on boring you all with updates every single week. But as and when I feel the need to babble away to you all, I will. I can’t believe I managed to write weekly updates when I was pregnant with Josh. Now, well between play dates, an energetic toddler, and the fact that this time I feel so tired it’s like I’ve been hit by a bus, the energy just simply isn’t there.

    So 22 weeks. Over halfway through. And I feel like I’ve suddenly realised Oh My God I am going to have two children;

    How will I cope?

    How will I bath them both?

    How will I ever get out of the house?

    What if Josh turns into a nightmare?

    What if I can’t breastfeed again?

    What if this one isn’t the dream sleeper that Josh was?

    When should I pack my hospital bag?

    There is A LOT to think about. That and the fact that we are now basically into October, I am somewhat on edge. Because as we all know, October to Christmas flies by (which raises a whole new world of concern – I need to buy a gazillion Christmas presents), and that means January will be here before I know it and then I will be a full on Mother of Two who will be one of two things; either bossing it at Mum life, with two little ones that will fall in love with each other at first sight, OR, I will be an exhausted, overwhelmed wreck wondering how on earth I am going to make it through the day without more cake….!!

    **Note: new Mums are allowed all the cake! And as I plan to breastfeed, that enforces cake allowance even more as baby will be devouring my cake calories, in a round about milk drinking kind of way!!**

    So I guess rather than rambling on about how much I am somewhat shitting myself, as well as being so excited I could pop, I should do a little pregnancy update!


    According to my app my little Spud (nickname for bump) is now the size of a Spaghetti Squash. I for one, had no idea what a spaghetti squash is and had to google it; turns out I still don’t quite know what it is. So to simplify it, baby is now the size of a coconut.

    Movement is amazing. I love it. I feel like it’s how I communicate with the baby; it kicks and I give it a prod back, and it kicks again. As with most bumps, it seems to come alive in the evenings and night. I’m not at the stage of counting the kicks yet, but I do make sure I am aware of regular movement. I guess part of me is still nervous, and most likely will be through the whole of my pregnancy.

    I love that the baby can now hear me too. As anyone who watches my Instagram Stories knows, I am a chatterbox, and I chat away to bump all the time. I do keep trying to tell Josh a bit about the bump, but it is all a bit lost on him at his age. I am sure it’ll sink in when his brother or sister arrives…!!


    As I sit here, patiently waiting for the pregnancy glow and glossy Kate Middleton hair to kick in, I am shattered. And it’s only 1.30 in the afternoon. I can’t believe how tired I still am. I am sure when I was pregnant with Josh I had regained some energy at this point, but I suppose running round after a toddler (and running a blog, and working as a VA, and trying to keep my house from looking like Toys R Us puked on it) soon catches up with you. I’ve gone wild lately and had a couple of 10pm bedtimes but I have noticed the later I go to bed, the more my restless legs kick in. What’s a girl to do when you can’t miss Doctor Foster though!

    Sickness has, dare I say it, subsided a bit. I’m not throwing up every day now, it’s more like a few times a week which is a huge improvement. The sickness really can take it out of you which is tough. I stand by what I’ve said recently though; getting out in the fresh air seems to be my cure and it really helps.

    Weight Gain; it seems to be on average. I have quite an impressive bump as you can see (I love it and rock it proudly – it amazes me how the older generation think you should hide it away) and the boobs are frankly fantastic! I seem to be lucky so far that I haven’t gained weight elsewhere…. yet. With Josh you could really see it in my face at the end which made me very self conscious. But I am making sure my three main meals a day are packed with goodness; there’s a chance I could be a bit anaemic so I am trying to keep my iron up (hello steak and spinach) and I need to make sure those meals are good because my biggest downfall is snacking on sweet things. I thought I had a sweet tooth with Josh, but bloody hell I am outdoing myself this time. The need for chocolate, cake and coco pops is real people; I’ve even baked! Unheard of for me.

    One of the worst things I’ve suffered with recently is headaches. Again, if I recall rightly, I had these with Josh too. I fight taking paracetamol just because I am a bit silly paranoid but this week I’ve had to rely on it a few times and getting rid of the headache is a much better idea than struggling with it and then getting stressed cause I feel shit.

    Moodswings have reared their ugly head a couple of times this week. Getting irrationally irritated by things that are simply not of any importance is all part and parcel of growing a tiny human


    Yes, the house is taking a hit from this impending arrival too. It’s actually been great because we’ve decluttered so much! Next week we plan on moving Josh out of his nursery and into the front bedroom which we are currently turning into his new room, complete with his beloved Hey Duggee decorations and a new cot bed. I am keeping it as a cot for now; he has never slept in a bed and for now I am not giving myself the added stress of trying to get him to sleep in a bed. We have some of the beautiful Mamas and Papas furniture for his room and I can’t wait for it to be finished and to show it to him.

    It has dawned on me once baby 2 arrives it will only be a matter of time before my lounge goes back to plastic city (Nooooo) and the jumperoo will once again be our centrepiece. However given the absolute godsend it was with Josh, I am more than willing to compromise!


    So in October I have my VBAC clinic appointment. I don’t believe this is a standard thing for everyone who has had a C Section before but my local hospital like to have an appointment with you to discuss your options, give you some information on a natural birth after a previous section and let you decide.

    Now, I have already decided. And I will be having an elective C Section. This is for many reasons and as I’ve said before, I will write a blog post about this (honestly I will – there’s not enough hours in the day at the moment) in more detail. But I know for me, another section is the right option. I’m tiny, I clearly produce kids with ridiculously huge heads, and I am still a bit traumatised from Josh’s labour to put myself through all that again. I have had friends who had sections and felt sad and cheated after having to have a cesarean but I really don’t feel that at all. I know recovery will be tough, but this time I can at least be a bit more prepared. And the fact we don’t know what we’re having means I will have an element of added excitement when I am absolutely petrified walking into theatre!

    My next scan is at 28 weeks and shortly after my birthday at the start of November. This is a growth scan as I have low levels of Papp A which can result in a slow down of babies growth later in pregnancy. It’ll be so lovely to see the little fidget again and fingers crossed he or she will be on target growth wise.

    So that’s my little (I am such a writing rambler) update. For the most part, at the moment my head is just consumed with the fact I am going to have two little ones and I am going to have to cope. But I will. We all do don’t we; that Mummy instinct and womanly survival (fuelled by coffee, chocolate and the odd prosecco….. oh my beloved, come February we’ll be reunited) kicks in and we boss it at Mum Life!

    I have no doubt I’ll write again soon with another update, and potential complaints about headaches, fat ankles, or the fact my unborn child is using my bladder as a squeeze toy.  It’s so worth it though.






    1. October 3, 2017 / 8:08 am

      YOU LOOK AMAZING! I love your baby announcement too. Grow little Spaghetti Squash, GROW! #dreamteam

      • beautybabyandme
        October 6, 2017 / 1:31 pm

        Ahh thank you so much lovely xx

    2. October 3, 2017 / 12:20 pm

      I seriously love your bump photos (not in a weird way!!) You look so well despite feeling like crap for most of your pregnancy – I’m glad the sickness has started to ease a bit for you. Having just had my vbac appointment, feeling completely solid about my choice to have a vbac, but now wavering in that decision, I’ll be interested to read your post about your decision! #DreamTeam
      Abi – Something About Baby recently posted…VBAC or C-SectionMy Profile

      • beautybabyandme
        October 6, 2017 / 1:32 pm

        Thanks lovely – I will keep you posted x

    3. October 4, 2017 / 6:20 am

      Oh my, I think we might be sisters! I relate to, well, your life! Except for morning sickness and c sections. I was lucky that way. I had my second 6 months ago. We didnt find out the sex. My first was 1yr9m at the time. I was induced both times.
      I also have no idea what a spaghetti squash is (despite having also googled it at the time).

      • beautybabyandme
        October 6, 2017 / 1:33 pm

        Ha ha ah thank you so much – such a nice comment. xx

    4. October 6, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      It’ll come as no surprise to you that I also had a raging sweet tooth with both of my two Fi. I’m still waiting for it to wear off haha. You have so many exciting and magical times ahead. Beautiful pic too! Bump photos are so precious. Thank you for sharing with #DreamTeam x

    5. October 9, 2017 / 1:09 pm

      May your pregnancy continue to go well. #DreamTeam

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