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  • 29 weeks pregnant! Counting the kicks and an unwelcome return of morning sickness!

    Rainy day

    Hi Everyone

    Well you’ll have seen last week I didn’t do an update as I was away with the husband on a babymoon! Those of you who have read my babymoon post (thank you!!) will know what an amazing time we had.  It was so lovely to get away, switch off and just enjoy each others company.  We spent lots of time chatting about what’s to come and exciting things like the names we’ve picked (yes they are a secret, sorry), if it’ll be a boy or a girl, and who it’ll look like.  It was so nice and relaxing just spending time with my favourite person.

    Kiss Shadow

    We also had a lovely weekend with friends making the most of the last of the summer sun with a BBQ which was lovely. But that does seem to have been the last of the summer sun!  We’ve had some real Autumnal weather this week – lots of wind and rain, but I can’t say I mind as it’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a DVD  and a hot chocolate and snuggle up in a new cosy jumper!

    Autumn goodiesAutumn leaves 2

    As you will read in the update below, my sickness has returned and is really quite nasty!  So I must apologise in advance for how brief this update is.  I am hoping it’s a temporary sickness but we’ll see!  If anyone has any tips for coping with third trimester sickness I’d love to hear them!

    So here’s my little update for this week:

    How far along: 29 weeks today, so I am into my 30th week of pregnancy which is crazy!  It is absolutely flying by. But, despite the sickness, I am really enjoying it, and I am feeling excited, calm and organised.

    Weight Gain: I’ve put on another 2lbs so I seem to be putting on the weight at the rate advised by the midwife.  I thought I’d of put on a lot more because despite the horrible sickness, I’ve still had a good appetite!  And babies growth on the chart is perfect so I’m not too worried.  I do get full up much quicker now when I eat so I’m trying to eat little and often (really often ha ha)!

    Maternity Clothes: I’ve not had to buy anymore actual maternity clothes but I’m still relying on my Primark buys to see me through.  Now that the weather is getting a bit chillier I’m quite happy to be warming up in cosy socks and boots!  I am missing my heeled boots though – I am in flat shoes and boots all the time now as I seem to completely lose my balance in heels which is a really weird feeling as I’ve lived in heels since I was a teenager! I’ve got a few events coming up over the next few weeks which I’ll want to be in heels for, so I’ll be clinging on to husband to stop me falling over.

    Stretch Marks: My good luck seems to be continuing.  I thought I could see something where my belly button piercing has stretched a bit but I don’t think it’s a proper stretch mark thank goodness so I will keep slathering on the body oils!

    Sleep: Much the same as last week – I’m struggling a bit with sleep.  These bloody restless legs literally make you want to cry – you just feel like you have an overwhelming need to stretch all the time and you can’t stop them jolting around and moving loads!  It doesn’t seem to start until I am just about to fall asleep and then it takes me ages to get to sleep. How I’ve managed not to kick my poor husband in bed yet I don’t know.  Also baby is now sitting on my bladder so it’s back to peeing all night again! Overall, I am feeling a lot more tired now – I had managed to get a bit of energy back but now I am shattered again.  I expected it at this point as all the books and advice given say you get extremely tired again in the third trimester, so I am trying to just go with the flow and if I’m tired, I just listen to my body and have a nap!

    Best Moment this Week: Definitely going on babymoon!  I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who is expecting a baby.  It was so nice to get away and relax as a couple before you become a family.  And we had the added bonus of some gorgeous weather.  Having a baby is an expensive time anyway so even if you can’t get away, make time for just the two of you; have a day out together, or have a date night either out at your favourite restaurant, or do a date night at home – always a great excuse to get the other half to cook for you plus you can be lazy on the sofa afterwards!

    We’ve also had a lovely week getting things finished in the nursery – it’s not been an easy process in a way because we haven’t found out if we’re having a girl or a boy so we’ve tried to keep it all quite natural. But we’ve got a lovely theme now and just have to do things like put up our curtains and put on cot sheets.  It’s so lovely seeing it all come together – here’s a tiny sneak peek (I’ll be doing a nursery blog nearer to the time of the birth):

    Sneak peek

    Miss Anything: I can’t say I am particularly missing anything but I did have a great idea the other day! We’ve already decided we will be having a night in as a little family this New Years Eve, so we’ve decided that to make up for all the foods and drinks I’ve not been allowed in this pregnancy, we’re going to have a forbidden foods feast!  Champagne, pate, smelly cheeses, scallops (hopefully I’ll like them again by then)!  It’ll be our little family feast.  I’m already so excited.

    Movements: So it appears our child is a ninja!  I’ve felt feet, knees and hands as it’s kicking and moving about.  I get movement every day but I do notice it’ll have one day with crazy amounts of movements and the next day it must be a bit knackered and just moves a “normal” amount.  I feel lots of weird rolling sensations too which, as bad as I feel saying this, have made me feel a bit sick at times – it’s a very surreal feeling, almost like going over a steep bridge far too quickly in the car.  I had my 28 week appointment this past week and baby was already head down but I’m sure he/she has moved now so I’ll find out its position at my next appointment in a couple of weeks.

    I’ve also made sure I’ve started Counting the Kicks.  This is something all pregnant women are advised to keep an eye on from about 28 weeks onwards and centres around ensuring you feel 10 movements per day.  There is a dedicated website along with an app and I can’t recommend it enough. It really is crucial you monitor these and there is lots of information here that can help and will answer all your questions on the website: http://www.countthekicks.org.uk/

    Food Cravings: The cereal craving has overtaken the cake craving.  Which is probably a good thing! I’ve also been drinking gallons of orange juice which is good and also has the added bonus that it seems to be making baby move lots, which is always fun!

    Anything making you queasy or sick:  Urgh, for no particular reason other than pesky hormones, I am back to being sick again!  It’s only really come on badly in the last week and it’s back to being borderline uncontrollable; throwing up in Asda car park, in front of a bunch of workmen was a low point.  And we had to leave our NHS antenatal class early this week as I got there, the room span and I had to go and be sick!  I think it’s just a hormonal thing and, as I did in the first trimester, I’m going to just try and get on with it.  I’ve only got 11 weeks to go so hopefully they’ll go nice and quick (not that I expect the last 4 weeks to go quick)!

    Mood:  I’ve been quite calm and relaxed this week.  Going away for a break definitely helped, and knowing we’ve got most things organised and ready just makes me feel happy and relaxed.  But I think because the tiredness has kicked back in, I haven’t even had the energy to get stressed about anything. It feels nice having a calmer mindset as I know that’s best for the baby.  It’s never worth getting stressed as the baby picks up on everything.


    Looking forward to: We’ve got quite a few things coming up to look forward to; our nephews christening, another wedding (and a great excuse to wear a new dress) and we also start our NCT classes in October which we are both really looking forward to.  Mostly I’m looking forward to our scan at the beginning of October where we’ll find out if my placenta has moved, which I am hoping it has.  If it hasn’t I will have another scan a couple of weeks later before a decision is made as to whether I need a Caesarian Section.  Although I will happily do whatever the consultant advises, I will be very nervous if I have to have a C Section.  I’ve started to do a bit more research into what the operation entails and I have had lots of positive advice from friends who’ve been through it.  I think my main concern is not having baby given to me as soon as he/she is born.  If any of you have any advice or can give an insight into their experience of C Sections I’d love to hear it so please feel free to message or tweet me or leave a comment in the box below.

    This is quite a brief post and I do apologise – I have to admit I’ve been so sick even as I write this!  But I have two more blog posts coming up over the next couple of days so please bear with me and I’ll be back on form in a couple of days!



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