30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 12

Morning All,

So another quick and easy one for todays challenge:

Favourite TV shows

This is going to be a very easy one for me (a cheeky easy post for a Sunday which is an added bonus).

So my absolute favourite has to be Friends. I love it; one of my best friends and I can literally recite each episode line for line. I still find it hilarious as well and its like a comforting thing curling up with a cup of tea and an episode of Friends! I must credit my brother for getting me into it back in the day!

My next guilty pleasure which I absolutely love is Made In Chelsea. I love it; the drama, the fashion, the constant champagne drinking! I don’t think it’s as good as it was in the super early days with Caggie, Millie (my fashion soul sister), Hugo etc, but I am still hooked. I also love Lucy Watson she is genius. In fact of my friends actually nicknames me Lucy Watson because like her I am a fan of a not so subtle eye roll, I have a tendency to be quite upfront about things and I also seem to have the inability to mask my thoughts; my face says it all ha ha!

My next favourite has to be Gogglebox. I bloody love it and its even led me to find other shows that I’ve loved (Dr Foster – OMG Absolutely brilliant). I find it so funny and easy to watch and some of the people in it crack me up!! Like everyone else I love Scarlett she’s so funny. And I also think Leon and June are hilarious!!


My last two are almost quite embarrassing to admit to but I love Emmerdale and Holby City – I religiously watch both and am hooked! You’ve got to love a bit of drama; well a lot of drama, that happens in these shows!

So that’s it for today a very quick and easy one, which is ideal because we are off to the Norfolk Bump Baby and Toddler Show today – look out for a blog coming soon all about it.

And I’ll be back tomorrow with the next challenge:

Favourite Movies

Have a great Sunday xx



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