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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 12

    Morning Everyone,

    It’s a bit of a miserable and rainy Saturday morning here at the moment so it’s the perfect excuse to day dream a bit which is perfect for todays challenge:

    Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

    I have two places in mind for this, ironically both of which I have visited already but absolutely loved.

    The first one is San Francisco.

    We went here as one of the stops on our Californian honeymoon, and although we went to loads of amazing places (including Vegas – OMG I friggin loved Vegas!), I fell in love with San Francisco! I loved the vibe of the place, it was very metropolitan and trendy, but also really relaxed. Everywhere we ate the food was insanely good and I also loved the way the place looked; the famous windy and steep streets, using the tram, and going across the beautiful Golden Gate bridge which had amazing views of the bay, even when it was foggy. If we had to move abroad this city would be the top of my list I loved it.

    A bit closer to home is the beautiful St Ives in Cornwall:

    We’ve been holidaying in Cornwall since I was tiny and it holds so many happy memories for me. My brother and I had so much fun on family holidays there, even in recent years, not just as small kids. My parents love Cornwall too and my Mum is a particularly big fan of St Ives, although we have a running family joke that its a place where she and Dad argue as she drags him round the somewhat pricey antique shops!

    St Ives is absolutely stunning; the beach is unspoilt and the sea seems to be extra blue there!! Looking at photos you could think you were in the Med somewhere, it’s so pretty. I can’t wait to go to St Ives again soon with Josh, and make lovely memories for him to treasure like I do with ours.

    Of course I have the standard bucket list of all the places I want us to go on holiday to:

    • Australia
    • Iceland to see the Northern Lights
    • Seychelles (I need to compare it to the Maldives ha ha)
    • Laguna Beach – we had a day here on honeymoon but that wasn’t long enough, it was so pretty
    • Italy – mainly for the food
    • Santorini

    So that’s it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow for the next challenge:

    Favourite TV shows

    Have a good Saturday




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