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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge- Day 15

    Hi Everyone,

    I feel like I am flying through these challenges now. Right todays challenge is:

    If you could spend 15 minutes with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

    Now obviously like most other women, I want to say David Beckham for the obvious reasons!!

    But I am going to say the Queen. For many reasons but mostly because I need to know what she has in her handbag. I am a huge handbag gal and wouldn’t be without mine, but what on earth has she got in there! I can’t imagine she’s got a credit card and an iphone in there but maybe she has…. I’d love to know.  Apparently a Royal magazine stated that the Queen carries a comb, a handkerchief, a small gold compact and a tube of lipstick in her handbag. On Sundays, she carries paper money to place in the collection plate at church. I’d love to know for sure.

    Queen Elizabeth II tours the new Royal Children's Hospital in Me

    Queen Elizabeth II tours the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are on a 10-day visit to Australia and will travel to Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne before heading to Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. This is the Queen’s 16th official visit to Australia.

    I’d also like to quiz her on what she gets up to on a “day off”! Sometimes I’ve driven past Windsor Castle and thought hmm I wonder if she’s in there watching Eastenders on catch up, or having a sneaking plan on a Nintendo Wii! I’d love to know what she gets up to.

    So there we go; another very quick one today! I’ll be back tomorrow with the next challenge:

    Do you own a smart phone?  Tell us why you love it.

    Thanks for reading x



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