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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 16

    Morning lovelies,

    So we are now over halfway through my 30 day blogging challenge! I hope everyone is enjoying it; I’d hate to be boring people with these posts. Instead I hope it’s giving you an insight into me and helping you get to know me better 🙂 And rest assured I’ve got a fair few seperate blog posts up my sleeve so keep your eyes peeled for them.

    So back to my 30 today challenge and todays question:

    Do you own a smart phone?  Tell us why you love it


    Well of course I do. Who doesn’t these days.

    I have an iPhone 5 which I tend to have a love hate relationship with. I’ve been an iPhone girl for a few years now but had started to lose the plot a bit with it. It crashed at one point and I lost a load of photos which didn’t help. I now back up constantly!

    It doesn’t help that my other half has an irrational hatred for all things Apple! Once I was in need of a new charger (probably my biggest bug bear about iPhones, the chargers are crap and don’t last and I daren’t buy a cheap one off ebay in case it explodes) so I dragged hubby off to the Apple store to get one. Of course an assistant was on us the second we walked through the door so I explained I needed a new charger and he got me the cable I’d need. Sam asked how much it was and we were told £15 but I said that was fine….. but then the sales assistant said the USB Plug you’d need was sold separately for a further £15. Sam then looked completely disgusted and declared he “f***ing hates Apple” and then walked out! I could have killed him! What can I say; he’s an Android boy through and through.


    I recently got an upgrade and gave a Sony Xperia Aqua a go. I’m now in a quandary cause it’s a really good little phone and I know my iPhone is on it’s last legs, but I am not actually using it yet. For blogging and photos and getting things done quickly, it’s been so much easier just to continue using my iPhone. Needless to say Sam is not impressed that I’ve got a new phone sat there not being used. I will switch to it eventually but I have to say I do love my iPhone simply because I know how to work it quickly, it has all my photos on there and when it works, it’s a really clever little phone. I’ve not upgraded to an iPhone 6 due to the insane cost and the fact they seem massive to me! I will probably keep using my iPhone 5 until it dies and then I’m lucky I’ve got a new phone ready and waiting for me!

    iphone screen

    Thanks for reading; I’ll be back tomorrow with the next challenge:

    What has been your best vacation memory?

    Have a great day x



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