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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 19

    Morning Everyone,

    So today’s challenge is quite a serious one, in comparison to some of the others I’ve already done:

    Discuss your views on religion

    This really can be a very controversial subject, and can be the source of many debates and wine fuelled arguments .So I am just going to start by saying this post is all my own personal thoughts and beliefs so I hope that can be respected.

    I am actually fairly religious. I am Christian, and I believe in God massively. As a child I went to a C of E Primary school and we used to say the same prayer before the end of the school day and I still say that same prayer now at the age of 32 before I go to bed at night. I pray every night for my family and friends and for guidance.

    believe in what you want

    Having endured some difficult times in life I have found having faith a real comfort. My family are very varied in terms of religion; my mother is atheist and doesn’t believe in anything, I can’t say I’m too sure what my fathers beliefs are, my brother is very much like me and actually went and got himself confirmed off his own back at the age of 12. My dearly departed Granny was very religious; she went to church pretty much every day and I really think that faith helped her towards the end of her life.

    Religion is such a touchy subject; everyone has an opinion on it, some stronger than others. And it’s very annoying when people try to impose their views on you; I think believe in whatever you want. It’s a very very personal choice and people shouldn’t belittle you for what your beliefs are. I would like Josh to go to a C of E school like I did, I have such lovely memories about primary school and going to church and I’d love for him to have the same experience. But as he grows up and comes to his own beliefs, I will respect whatever his opinions are.

    The way things are in this country at the moment, with the link between religion and war, are very troubling. It’s sad; it is supposed to be something that people find comfort in and have faith in yet people are using it as an excuse to terrorise innocent people. I’d love to say I hope it will all settle down, but depressingly I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

    On a happier note, I say believe in whatever you want to; God, fairies, unicorns…… 😉 If it makes you happy and gives you faith, go with it. And most of all, always have faith in yourself.


    I’ll be back tomorrow with a slightly more light hearted challenge:

    If you had a million dollars to spend, how would you spend it?

    Have a great Saturday x



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    1. November 6, 2016 / 8:01 pm

      Lovely post. I think you’re totally right, religion is completely subjective, but just because people have different thoughts shouldn’t mean people can’t talk about them in a informal way. We shouldn’t be scared to voice our options. Really lovely to read.

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