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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 20

    Morning Everyone,

    So we are up to day 20 of my 30 day blogging challenge!! Todays question is:

    If you had a million pounds, how would you spend it?

    The first thing I’d buy is a pug!!!!!! I’ve wanted a pug forever and I would be beyond happy if I had one. Look at his lovely pugly face. My husband says we can have a dog one day but it’ll be a labrador (which is fine cause they are gorgeous dogs). I’ll get a pug to keep him company 🙂


    The second thing I’d buy is my much dreamed of Mulberry Bayswater. And probably a Chanel 2.55. I love handbags so so so much things could get out of hand…..

    Then I’d get sensible! I’d love to buy a cottage in the countryside, which is something I am trying to look for at the moment anyway, albeit on a more realistic price scale!! I love our house we’re in now but I would love to be somewhere a bit more quiet and where I can have a big garden and a country kitchen!

    cottage 2

    I’d sort hubs out with a car. No idea what he’d want but something sporty! I’d like a nice 4×4 of some sort, but not a range rover. I would quite like an Audi Q5.


    And finally, I’d like a holiday! I’d love to go back to the Maldives, or to Australia. I don’t know how easy that sort of flight would be with a little one though; obviously would have to upgrade to business class!!!

    maldives 6

    And to be honest, I should think that would take up my million! Once you buy all that lot it doesn’t go far I’m guessing. But if I was in a position where our mortgage was paid off I’d be so happy.

    So there we have it – a girl can dream!

    I’ll be back tomorrow for the next challenge:

    What is your guilty pleasure?

    There are quite a lot!!!!

    Thanks for reading




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