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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 27

    Morning my lovelies,

    I can’t believe how close I am to the end of this challenge now! I have to admit it’s been quite hard blogging every day but I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ve had so many lovely comments on my posts 🙂

    Anyway on to todays challenge:

    List all the places you have lived 

    Well for the first 21 years of my life I was very lucky and lived in a beautiful village called West Hagbourne in Oxfordshire. I loved it; it was exactly how you’d imagine a country village to be and I had the most amazing group of friends I grew up with and shared all those typical things you do as kids together; building dens, playing pompom and kerby, and then of course as we got older, going out for the first time, first kisses, those heartbreaking teenage angst years of heartbreak! Ha ha! We had the best time and I love that my family still live there because it really is beautiful.

    west hagbourne

    When I met Sam, he was living in a shared house in Oxford so I stayed with him a lot!! It was a fun time although after a year we started to find the whole house sharing thing a bit rubbish. So we moved in together, to a tiny little flat in Sandford on Thames overlooking the river! It was so small but we loved it and we kitted the whole place out with a £200 haul from Ikea! It was also right next to the most gorgeous pub on the river bank; we loved it and probably spent a small fortune on dinners there!! I think we lived there for about a year before Sam got over a job over near Reading and we decided to move a bit closer that way. We ended up moving to a town called Thatcham, near Newbury. It was a bigger flat and really nice and we had some wonderful times there.


    After a couple of years Sam was working away in Suffolk every week, travelling there every Monday morning and returning every Friday. At first it was okay, but we were at a point in our relationship were we wanted to buy our first house, and it was very expensive there. After much discussion we decided to look to move to Suffolk, as it was so much cheaper and we liked being near Sams family too who are in Norfolk. Initially we lived in a little flat in Leiston right near Sams work  whilst we looked for the right house for us. It took us 6 months but eventually we found an amazing house in a little market town which we love. It was ideal because it was a decent distance from Sams work, and also a manageable drive to his family’s farm, who we often visit especially now we’ve got the little one! It is a lovely town and has everything we need plus Norwich is nearby when I want to do some “proper” shopping (AKA Shoe shopping)!!!

    We are now looking to move again, to a little cottage in the countryside!!! I’ve been given the challenge to start looking and I’m on the case! I’m hoping something will come up cause I’ve been promised a much longed for puppy once we move.

    So there we have it my living history. I will be back tomorrow with one of the final challenges:

    Three things you want to say to different people

    Have a great day xx



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