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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 3

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    Morning Everyone,

    So Day 3 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge. And today’s question is:

    A habit you wish you didn’t have

    Mine is something I am quite certain a lot of you also suffer from….. I am terrible for constantly apologising even in circumstance that don’t deem the need for an apology.

    Of course there are circumstances where you need to apologise in life and rightly so, but I am one of these who just instincitvly says “sorry” in situations when it just isn’t necessary. It drives my husband round the bend. Often he’ll come home from work and the first thing I’ll say is “Sorry but can you do dinner” or “Sorry but I need you to pop to Tesco”. Sam is one of these very annoying black and white types of people and just says “why are you apologising, just ask me to do it” which puts me on the spot and makes me feel silly because, as he says, these aren’t things I should be saying sorry for as it’s not like I’ve done something wrong!

    It’s the same when I’m out and about with Josh. So many times I’ve walked him in his pram and seen someone, sorry to say but often the older generation, barging towards me with no intention of making room for us to get past so I’m there trying, and failing, to move Josh and his buggy aside without actually going into the road, all the while apologising as though I am in the wrong (although I probably say it in a borderline sarcastic manner half the time -oops)! Us Brits are quite famous for our habit of apologising for anything and everything “Sorry but have you got the time, Sorry but it’s raining here today, Sorry but I’m calling to inform you that you’re account is overdrawn”. As if we are actually sorry for these sorts of things. We seem to be constantly apologising but usually for things we aren’t and don’t need to be apologising for!

    The worst bit is, when used in a meaningful way, the word Sorry is very very powerful. Sometimes when you’ve got to back down, swallow your pride and apologise for a genuine wrong doing then it can mean a huge amount to the person you’re saying sorry to. So really, I and many others, shouldn’t be wasting the word on things we either aren’t really sorry for, or that we don’t really need to apologise for.

    This is definitely a bad habit of mine. Sam made a good point; he said rather than him saying “shall I do dinner” and me replying with “Yes, sorry but I don’t have the time/energy/inclination to do it” I should reply with “Thank you that would be so helpful”! And he’s right. It is a bad habit of mine and one I need to break.

    For fun, other bad habits of mine:

    • That constant paranoia I’ve left the hair straighteners on and have to run back inside to make sure they’re off (which they always are)
    • Leaving doors open “where you born in a barn”; my mothers words constantly ringing in my ears
    • My inability to hide what I’m thinking when shocked by something; a lady in my NCT class declared she was going to try “nappy free” with her newborn baby. Everyone else nodded politely and my face screamed WTF!
    • Buying shoes….. oh no wait, that’s a great habit!
    • Buying chocolate even though there is a ridiculous amount already in the cupboard at home!

    Hopefully you can forgive me for my faults 😉 and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If not, sorry but I’m not sorry!!

    Tomorrows question is

    A picture of somewhere you’ve been

    Hope to see you then. Thanks for reading xx




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