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  • 30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 9

    Morning Everyone,

    So I am already up to day 9 of my blogging challenge and todays question is:

    Something you crave a lot

    I found this a bit of a random one but we’ll go with it!!

    There are loads of things I crave:

    OK so if we are talking about craving food or drink then I can say there is no way I could get through the day without tea or chocolate! I flippin’ love tea and literally can’t talk to anyone until I’ve had a cup in the morning. And as for chocolate well if there isn’t any in my house I feel on edge! I’ve always been bad for having a sweet tooth.

    tea quote

    Of course, being a relatively normal (!) woman, like all other women I have a general built craving for prosecco. It’s just a done thing!

    proseeco quote

    I don’t know if you can crave shopping, but I am a huge lover of bags, shoes and I love going shopping. Now that I have baba I don’t get quite as much chance to shop for myself, it’s usually treats for Josh that I’m buying. But I do love the occasional treat and I’ve picked a couple of goodies that my husband has promised me as a reward for doing so well with my Twitter followers!!

    I suppose one thing I crave in people I am close to is kindness. I think being kind is one of the most important and decent things you can be. I like to think of myself as kind and therefore it’s important to me to treat others as I would want to be treated. I know we all have the ability to be a tad bitchy and gossipy myself included. But overall I like to think of myself as a decent person with a good heart and I will always do anything I can to make my friends happy and let them know I am there for them. So I do expect that kindness in return and I am so fortunate in the friends I have; they are always there for me, and when I’ve gone through tough times they’ve supported me and cheered me up with adorable little gifts or a big hug. It’s the little things in life that mean a lot and being kind doesn’t cost a penny. So spread it everywhere you go and you’ll be showered with kindness from others in return.

    be kind  2

    Hope to see you back here tomorrow for the next challenge:

    Your top 5 pet peeves

    It might be quite a lengthy one…..!!

    Fi Xx



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