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  • 30 weeks pregnant! A week full of sickness, lots of kicking and a cuppa with Myleene

    Autumn-Shot-VI happy pregnancy

    Hi Everyone,

    I can’t actually believe I am writing my 30 week update!  That means I only have 10 weeks to go until we meet our baby! To say I am excited is an absolute understatement!  As each week passes, I feel as though things are getting more and more real! I am well into my 7th month of pregnancy now which is just crazy. I remember when we first found out and we couldn’t tell anyone; it feels like forever ago, but at the same time the pregnancy has flown by.  I’ve been so lucky also that several friends have been pregnant around the same time as me and to share this journey with them has been wonderful. In fact one of my very good friends gave birth to a beautiful little girl yesterday and I am so happy for her and her lovely husband. And receiving that text to say she’d had the baby just made us even more excited because before we know it, it’ll be us sending that text revealing what we’ve had and his or her name. I’ve also been so grateful to the friends I have that have already had their babies and have answered my many (sorry girls) questions!  It’s lovely to have people you can turn to and confide in.

    As well as being a bundle of excitement this week, I’ve also been quite poorly.  The sickness has stuck around after me hoping last week it was a passing phase. I seem to have a good day then a bad day.  I’ve suffered low blood pressure the whole way through my pregnancy, but this week I think it must have dipped again because I get faint so easily; I can be sat working in my office and that horrible familiar fuzzy feeling takes over my head and I have to go and lie down. It’s frustrating as I don’t know how else to control it other than what I am already doing (eating plenty, keeping hydrated, getting lots of rest). But then I think just 10 weeks to go! And I’ve had so much movement this week that it makes every moment of sickness, exhaustion and dizziness worth it!

    I went to a Mothercare store opening this week and their special guest was none other than Myleene Klass.  I was fortunate enough to get some time to chat to her as well as have a photo, and out of all the celebrities I’ve met, she was hands down the nicest.  She was so down to earth and pulled me aside for a good old chat about my bump, how I’ve been getting on, and giving me advice on how she coped with sickness.  Myleene really took the time to talk to me and I think that’s such a pleasant surprise; I’ve met celebrities before who I idolised and it was all a bit forced and they didn’t take the time to chat to you but Myleene was very warm and it was like having a cuppa with a good friend, so I must say a huge thank you to her for taking the time to chat to me.

    Myleene Book Myleene

    So here is this weeks update in full:

    How far along: 30 weeks today (so I am into my 31st week).  I still cannot believe I how quickly it is going now. Only 10 weeks (ish!) until we get to find out who this little person is.

    Weight Gain: Sure enough I am banging on the weight!  I’ve put on 2 and 1/2 stone so I am now 10 stone.  Personally though I think it’s a really good thing; I was underweight last year due to stress and I think I look so much better now with a bit of weight on me.  Although it’s a big gain in weight, I think I’m carrying it well and I certainly won’t be pressuring myself to lose the baby weight immediately after birth, especially as it will be Christmas!

    Feet have disappeared from sight:

    No more feet

    Maternity Clothes: No more shopping for me, as I said last week.  I’ve got a good capsule wardrobe on rotation now (thanks to my Primark Haul which you’ll have seen from a couple of weeks ago). Plus now the weather is getting chillier it is a great excuse to wrap up in cosy jumpers that fit my bump nicely! In fact this week I dug out a wool poncho I’d bought last winter but never had the guts to wear, however I can say being pregnant in Autumn is the perfect time to rock this look:


    I did have a slight panic this week as it is my nephews christening at the weekend and I couldn’t find a thing to wear! But thank goodness for New Look and their end of Summer sale; they had a lovely stretchy dress, in really autumnal colours in the sale for £5!!!  I’m going to team it with black tights and brave some heels – I am sure I’ll post an outfit look next week.

    Stretch Marks: The sheer panic you feel when you run out of Bio Oil!  I had to go on an emergency hunt for some this week (Boots saved the day with their 25% off offer). And it seems to be well worth it as I have still avoided the dreaded stretch marks. I read that baby is meant to have a growth spurt this week so we’ll see if I am lucky enough to keep avoiding them.

    Sleep: It’s not been a good week sleep wise.  As I mentioned last week, the restless legs syndrome seems to be getting worse, as I feared it would in the third trimester.  On Sunday night I literally didn’t sleep at all – every time I thought I was going to drop off, my legs would jolt or stretch beyond my control and by the time it got to 1am my poor husband woke up to find me sat on the edge of the bed crying because I was so frustrated and tired. I’ve had some tips to help deal with this as it’s obviously going to plague me until the baby is here and I’ve tried having a bath right before bed and raising my legs up on a mountain of cushions. It certainly seems to be helping as I have got some sleep and although it is broken sleep (I wake up to go to the toilet about 3 or 4 times a night as baby squashes my bladder), I am grateful to be getting some rest. It might sound daft, but I felt a bit silly on the Monday when I put the plea out there for any advice on helping me get sleep because I half expected people to tell me to “get used to it, you won’t sleep again for 4 years” and so on. So I was really grateful to get such supportive responses. I do try to laugh it off and imagine it as practise, but I think combined with sickness and hormones it made it even harder to cope with this week so there have been a few tears.

    Best moment this week: I would say meeting Myleene was a real highlight.  As I said above, she was really friendly and approachable. And receiving the news that my friend had delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl; I am so happy for her. Other than that it’s been a pretty quiet week this week. We went out for a roast dinner at the weekend which I had been craving all week and it was lush! I’ve just been busy with my website and trying to get rest when I can as the sickness has been relentless.

    Miss Anything: I feel guilty writing this as I don’t like to complain about my pregnancy at all because I am so happy and grateful, but I miss not feeling sick. I feel sick every day and although most of the time I just get on with it and deal with it, I do have moments where it makes me feel really fed up. Sometimes I can be halfway through dinner and suddenly think “Bleurgh I am going to be sick”. As a pregnant woman you expect the sickness to have passed once you’re out of the first trimester but with the exception of about 6 weeks in the second trimester, I’ve been sick throughout the whole pregnancy. I think because I am so tired now it’s becoming harder to tolerate but then I feel a kick from the baby and I just think it’s all absolutely 100% worth it.


    Movement: Ninja baby continues; I am getting loads of movement and I love it. He/she has certainly got into a routine of when it wants to wake up and its most favourite time is 4am!  And I can’t complain because as soon as I start feeling him/her, I give it a little prod back – it’s like a game!  The other night it freaked me out a bit cause it was doing a lot of rolling; now is the time it should be turning to go head down (something I thought it had already done) so I assume it was just trying to get into the right position. But the sensation made me feel a bit queasy; it was like the feeling you get when you go on a rollercoaster!  I feel a lot of limbs poking at me now and can see them from the outside, especially feet and knees which is always entertaining.  I love feeling the movements; it makes me feel even closer to the baby.

    Food Cravings: The sickness hasn’t helped much this week as some days I’ve wanted nothing other than cereal and toast!  As I said before I had a massive craving for a Sunday roast which was happily fulfilled!  I am just trying to eat really well as I am now at the stage where you’re advised to have an extra 200-300 calories a day.  Given my weight gain I’m obviously doing something right which is good.

    Roast dinner

    Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing in particular, but the sickness is certainly back.  I think I am just used to it now and I’m just going to get on with things for the last few weeks as I don’t want to become a pregnancy sickness bore.

    Mood: Just really tired this week. I don’t have the energy to get stressed at the moment!  I think the nesting has set in; I clean every day and I keep writing lists and sorting things out so everything is organised.  It makes me feel calm if I know everything is in order. I am feeling really excited as time is just flying now. But with that comes some apprehension; will I know what I am doing once baby is here, will I be able to feed the way I want to, how will he or she sleep etc. But I think wondering all these things is quite natural and I’ve got a great support network who I know will help me in the early days.

    Looking forward to: Lots!  My nephews christening and seeing the family this weekend, our friends getting married next weekend and also meeting my friends new baby girl. But I am most excited for my 32 week scan and consultation appointment in a couple of weeks. When we were told at our 20 weeks scan I had a low lying placenta and I’d need a scan at 32 weeks to determine whether I’d need a caesarean section it felt like we’d be waiting a life time for that scan! But we are now nearly there. I just can’t wait to know one way or another; I want to know if I need to prepare myself for a caesarean or not and if I can indulge in all the things that have been banned for me the last 12 weeks (I won’t go into detail but some of them are things I did NOT want to be banned from doing).  So I cannot wait for that scan so at least I can prepare myself further. I expect this will be the same answer in next weeks blog so I apologise in advance!!

    So that’s this weeks update. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it and if you have any comments or questions please leave them below, and please remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (links to the side).

    Have a great week

    Me and 30 week bump!

    thirty week bump



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