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  • 31 weeks pregnant! A very sleepy week!


    Hi Everyone!

    Happy October!!!  I can’t believe we’re now into October already.  I love it – the colours of the trees are changing and all the lush winter drinks are out in the shops; hazelnut hot chocolates are becoming a bit of a pregnancy craving.  I’ve been so glad of the weather cooling down a bit too but it’s still lovely and sunny which is a bonus.

    It’s been a bit of a struggle this week due major lack of sleep!  I feel like I am becoming accustomed to waking every 2-3 hours in the night either needing to pee, feeling sick or with the torture that is restless legs.  Although it’s hell at the minute, by the time baby gets here I’ll probably be well prepared for the night feeds!


    I’ve been a bit of a worry wart this week. By nature, I am someone who tends to worry anyway, so of course pregnancy has made me worry about lots of little things.  From what I can tell, this is perfectly natural in pregnancy; I’ve spoken to lots of friends and family who are all the same and worry like I do.  I think the thing to be wary of is to not let it take over the joy of such a magical time.  For example, I had one day this week when I was a bit of an emotional mess – I’d only had three hours sleep and on top of the sickness I was a bit of a crying wreck all day.  That same day I was convinced I wasn’t feeling the baby move as much as usual.  I had a routine midwife appointment where I was told all was well, the heartbeat was nice and strong and baby was head down, but even with a professionals opinion I was still upsetting myself throughout the rest of the day thinking “what if”.  At times like this, although my gut instinct tells me that everything is most likely fine and I need to get a grip, I think it’s good to have someone level-headed to turn to for advice. This is where my husband is a god send; he’s level-headed and logical and he has a way of saying what I already know is right, and calming me down.  So even though I had had the reassurance from the midwife, and I felt baby move more as the day went on, and I knew all this in the sensible part of my head, the emotional side of me needed to hear it from someone close to me who could pull me out of my unnecessary worrying mood. And it worked. Well, that combined with an icy cold fanta which promptly woke baby up and made him/her start doing somersaults.

    My point here is that although it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to worry, try to keep things in perspective if you can. Surround yourself with positive people with good advice and not horror stories that increase your worries and when you have a worry in your head, even if you think it sounds stupid, talk it through with someone close to you.  Girlfriends who have already gone through pregnancy are always a good one because they just absolutely understand and will reassure you. And if you do have a serious worry, go with your gut instinct and speak to your midwife. One thing I’ve had drummed into me by my midwife is that there is no such thing as a stupid question and midwives have no problem with being bothered with questions and concerns. If you keep this mindset, you can then enjoy your pregnancy and manage your worries without being over the top and causing yourself or your baby any undue stress.

    As always, here is my little update for this week:

    How far along: 31 weeks. I can’t actually believe I am that far along – for all my complaining that things are going slow, they’ve actually flown by and now the weeks sort of mould into one! Got an impressive bump though!

    32 weeks

    Weight Gain: I am still 10 stone, so no additional gain this week which is surprising as I am still eating loads.  Even as I type this, all I can think about is red velvet cupcakes.  A new pregnancy craving perhaps!! But I’ve been very sick in the last week which may explain why I’ve not gained anymore.

    red velvet cupcakes

    Maternity Clothes: No maternity clothes; think I’ve had enough with shopping now, and prefer to keep the money for things for the baby. I was happy to wear my £5 New Look bargain at the weekend to my nephews christening! It wasn’t even maternity, just stretchy (thank goodness):

    New Llook dress

    Stretch Marks: Nothing thank god!  Even the midwife was saying how lucky I’ve been. I’m still massaging my bump every night with Bio Oil and not only am I grateful for the lack of stretch marks, but I’ve also noticed that the baby seems to like this too; he/she wriggles around a bit when I do it and I like to think it can feel me and is soothed by it. Whether that’s true or not who knows, but I love it as a bit of bonding between me and baby.

    Sleep: I officially give up.  I’ve had a really tough week with the sleep front.  I wake every 2-3 hours to pee, or because I feel sick. And it takes me ages, and I mean hours, to get to sleep because of the restless legs. Some nights I can get back to sleep quite quickly when I wake for the toilet, but if it’s around 4am I find it harder as baby tends to wake up then and I get distracted enjoying his/her movements, so I tend to go down on the sofa so I don’t wake my poor husband with my moving or,at times crying (out of sheer frustration) and sleep there for an hour or two with the cats.  I try to think of it as training for when baby arrives; if this continues for these last few weeks, I’ll be on the ball with night feeds. But when you’re tired, hormonal and fed up it can get you down. So I was really touched by an incredibly thoughtful parcel one of my best friends sent me this week. It had a lovely card, a cuddly unicorn (because lets face it, unicorns are amazing) and some It Works dream pillow spray.  It was so sweet of her to do that and I was so grateful for the thought and of course the products to help me sleep – they smell amazing:

    Bex Gift

    Best Moment This Week: It was my little nephews christening at the weekend which was lovely. It was a lovely sunny day and it was great seeing family and friends, and of course getting to eat cake!! Unfortunately I was really sick again that day so we had to go home at tea time, but it was lovely to see everyone.

    Another bonus moment this week was meeting our friends newborn little girl! She was born last Wednesday and is absolutely gorgeous! Seeing her made us even more excited about our baby and how quickly the time is going to go by! My friend looked amazing for someone who had given birth just 4 days before and I can honestly say I’ve never seen her look so happy and besotted. It was lovely to see and reminded me that every moment of sickness and tiredness is worth it.

    Miss Anything: Sleep!  But I better get used to that. I’ve also become really dopey and forgetful so I’m missing not being able to remember everything; I’m usually super organised!

    Movement: Aside from one lazy day, as I mentioned at the top of this post, baby has been moving lots. Midwife confirmed he/she is head down now so I can tell when its’ a leg or a foot booting me or it has a stretch and its little bum comes poking out! I love feeling the movement it is such a magical feeling.

    Food Cravings: I think the sweet tooth has subsided a bit, which is good. However I have had three bacon sandwiches this week so still could do with a healthier craving. Drinking gallons of orange juice so that’s a good craving. Wishing I craved bananas – I absolutely hate them but they contain potassium which is meant to help relieve restless legs so I may force myself to start eating them!

    Mood: Just exhausted really due to the lack of sleep. I’ve still been sick a lot as well and the two combined can completely take it out of you. But then as soon as I feel a kick or a wriggle I am instantly happy. I love being pregnant despite all this, I feel so lucky to have such a bond with the baby already. Our nursery is pretty much complete now too so I love going in there and looking at everything and organising all the clothes; it makes me so excited. So I’m basically a very exhausted, but very happy person!

    Looking Forward To: We have our last wedding of the year to go to this weekend which will be lovely! I can’t wait to see my friends dress and attempt a bit of a dance, although I think I’ll take flat shoes as well as heels!

    Most of all, as I said last week, I cannot wait for our scan next week to see if my placenta has moved. I am thinking positive in the hope it has moved up.  But I’ve prepared myself if it hasn’t and read up on C sections and what the process is. I will be so glad if it has moved as I’ve not been able to do pregnancy yoga or swimming because of it, so it would be nice to be able to do these things in the last few weeks.

    So that’s this weeks update.  Now that I’m into my 32nd week I am going to try to take it easy.  Although I am very fortunate that I am not working at the moment, I tend to be quite busy doing things at home, seeing friends and running errands. So each afternoon I’ve decided to set aside an hour to read and have a (decaf) cuppa, and appreciate being able to do this; before I know it our little bundle of baby will be here and I won’t be able to do these things quite so easily!

    Have a good week guys, and look out for my “Newborn Must Haves” post coming up shortly.

    Must haves



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