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  • 34 Weeks – Swollen Fingers, Lots of Nesting and More New Cravings!


    Hi Everyone,

    I can’t believe I am 34 weeks pregnant – and into my 35th week!! I remember being 12 weeks and only just announcing it, with the third trimester seeming to be forever away and now all of a sudden I am super close to being full term.

    I feel for my poor husband having to listen to my complaining this week. Me and the girls from my NCT class were discussing this, how we must seem like a bunch of moaning minnies. But it has got to the stage of pregnancy now where I am very uncomfortable. I tend to underestimate how enormous my bump is and can’t get past things; the car park in Tescos proved difficult for me the other day when I couldn’t get between two cars; very embarrassing.

    34 weeks

    I’ve also got some delightfully swollen fingers which I noticed the other night; I could see my wedding ring finger was particularly swollen and thought I could easily slip them off as normal. But nope! It took a lot of soapy water and some serious brute strength but I managed to get them off. I hate it not having them on though; I’m lost without them. Hubby has been a sweetheart and offered to buy me a (much cheaper) alternative I can wear in the mean time.

    We had another really good NCT class this week; I am so glad we signed up for these. I’ve made some really lovely friends there and it’s so nice being able to turn to each other and ask questions and advice of each other on things we aren’t sure about. The class was good this week and really interesting, focusing on several subjects including the various types of pain relief, the role of the birth partner (just do what you’re told!!) and caring for your baby once he or she arrives.  Our class leader also touched on the sensitive subject of Post Natal Depression and how this can affect mothers AND fathers,something I’ve never heard spoken about, and how to distinguish it from the baby blues. The difference is quite remarkable and I am going to do a post on the subject and how people can get help and educate themselves on recognising the signs, so look out for it in the next week.

    Here’s my update for the week. I’ve had a little helper with me doing my blog today:


    How far along: 34 Weeks!!! Oh My God! Only three weeks from being full term, and six weeks till my due date (possibly sooner if they ever make decision on this bloody c-section)!  I am getting so excited. I keep imagining what it’ll be, I’m so glad we didn’t find out, and which one of us it will look like. I can’t wait to meet this little person.

    Weight Gain: Seem to be holding steady with the whole gaining 1lb a week. I read this morning that I shouldn’t gain too much more towards the end but I am guessing I’ll hit 10 and a half stone by the time I’m full term. My mum was saying how lucky I am that I’m all bump now and you can’t really tell from the back that I’m 8 months pregnant. I do feel really grateful for how lucky I’ve been considering how much I’ve eaten! And I refuse to stress about the weight loss after the birth; 9 months on, 9 months off.

    Stretch Marks: Still very lucky! I love putting on my bio oil each night as I treat it as a little bump massage and sometimes baby moves in response to the touch. I also use Cocoa Butters Therapy Oil when I get out the bath. I think at this stage the more I moisturise the better.  I particularly notice when I’ve had a shower I am quite itchy, but not so much when I’ve had a bath, so it’s nice to have a pamper with oils and body butters.

    bubble bath

    Sleep: Not great – standard for me now! Even though I am very tired now, it takes me so long to actually fall asleep, and the restless legs don’t help. It gets me down some nights, because you feel so tired you could literally cry. I’ve had the husband giving me calf and foot massages before I fall asleep which is lovely. I have almost come to accept the lack of sleep now though and I try to nap in the day if I can. Besides, I guess I best get used to surviving on four hours sleep a night!!

    Best Moment This Week: It’s been a very relaxed week so no major stand outs. But we had a lovely day on Sunday; we didn’t particularly do anything just lots of jobs around the house, and then we decided to go out for a Sunday Roast. It was really nice because we are making the most of any dates we can have now and it was lovely just munching away and chatting rubbish. Then when we got home we just relaxed, watched DVD’s and nibbled on lots of goodies!  It sounds like a standard Sunday but I think we appreciated it even more than usual.


    I’ve also had some lovely catch ups with friends this week. It’s now getting a bit tricky to drive (bump hits the steering wheel and if I move my seat forward to reach the pedals, I squash my poor little bump)! So I’ve been having lots of visitors which is lovely and something I appreciate so much. One of my friends came over with her newborn this week which was so nice; I got to have lots of cuddles and just seeing a tiny baby in our house made it all seem very real and exciting.

    Miss Anything: I miss getting into bed and just falling asleep straight away. Some nights I go to bed and am so tired I am sure I will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. But then my legs go mental and I am wide awake. The other night I had to get up and walk around the bed for a bit to relieve the feeling and I did think, gosh if Sam wakes up now he’s going to get a fright cause he’ll have thought I was looking over him as he slept!! I read squatting is good for restless legs and have been trying to do it before bed but with a bump of around 5lbs sticking out it’s not particularly easy!!  Probably makes for an amusing sight though 🙂


    Movement: Lots and Lots. Although today the baby seems to have changed position (no idea how, poor little thing can’t have much room in there) so it’s not as vigorous as it has been. Yesterday it seemed to be in training for the England squad and I kept seeing and feeling a heel poke out. However it poked out so much when Sam had a feel it freaked him out a bit which made me laugh. Still making sure I keep a close eye on movements; as time goes on, baby runs out of room to move around so much, so its a case of monitoring the various rolls or limbs protruding out of your stomach!!

    Food Cravings: Well these seem to be changing on a daily basis! Our oven had broken last week so I’d been doing lots of cooking with the slow cooker. As I was searching recipes it turned out I fancied about 50 of them!  And once I see one I really want, it has to be cooked. So the husband is pretty happy as he’s had some amazing dinners to come home to this week. I did warn him not to get used to it; I’m known for being a useless cook so I’ve no idea how this has suddenly happened. Dark Chocolate Oranges are also being eaten at a stupidly vast rate – I love them!


    Sickness: I seem to be back to alternative days; one day it’s mild, the next day I spend 50% of the day throwing up. I was worried at my NCT class the other day as I was really sick and had to keep nipping out. I was so grateful we’re all in the same boat there so if the girls noticed I know they’ll have understood. Just keep thinking only 6 more weeks (ish!!)

    Mood: All sorts! I’m really relaxed because I feel like we’re organised, like we’ve got everything we need and have done all the jobs around the house that needed doing (apart from replacing our dishwasher). So I can focus on the excitement of the next few weeks and feel guilt free when I have an afternoon reading books on newborns. People keep asking if I am feeling nervous about labour yet but because I still don’t know if I’ll be having a C Section or not, I’m not feeling that nervous about the birth itself, I’m just nervous about the decision that will be made in a couple of weeks on how I will deliver.

    Looking Forward To: I’ve got lots of lovely things coming up over the next week or two.  Next week I’ve got friends coming to visit me which is always lovely (and a good excuse to crack open the biscuits and get a pot of tea on the go)!! I’m also expecting a visit from my health visitor next week which I am quite intrigued about. I know a lot of people feel this is an invasion of privacy and they may feel judged, but I think it’s actually really good that they come out to peoples houses to see how mothers to be are feeling and if they need any support.

    coffee table

    I’m also already on the countdown to next weekend; we have friends coming to visit and to celebrate my birthday we are going out for afternoon tea which I can’t wait for!  We found a really quirky little place and I’ve since learnt that the same place does closed mornings just for mothers and babies, so you can go with your mummy friends to breastfeed in a private, relaxed atmosphere and pig out on cake! So I am looking forward to going there.


    And of course, I am already on the two-week countdown to my next scan and the hope that a decision about my birth will be made then. I think once I know, I will feel more prepared and less nervous. Having said that I think I’ve done a fairly good job of being relaxed and calm about it all; it’s not something I can control so I’ve done my best to just go with it, and not get stressed as I know that would only stress out the baby!

    So that’s it for this week, a nice relaxed one and a lovely couple of weeks lined up just seeing friends and getting baby ready.  I’ve got a few more posts planned so keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.

    Thanks for reading and if you enjoy this please follow me on Twitter and give my Facebook page a like (links are in the side menu).

    baby quote



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    1. October 22, 2015 / 1:16 pm

      Oh the last few weeks of pregnancy can be hard going. I was a proper moaning minnie at the end of both of mine. I figured I was allowed as I had to do the whole pregnancy thing. Best of luck 🙂 #coolmumclub

      • October 22, 2015 / 1:17 pm

        I know Hun! I’m so excited though so it outweighs it! Xx #coolmumsclub

    2. October 22, 2015 / 3:14 pm

      EEK not long to go! – take it easy and keep blogging! I expect cute baby pictures in a few weeks :p

      • October 22, 2015 / 3:16 pm

        Thank you chick! I’m so excited – blogging is my lifeline at the moment! ? xx #coolmumsclub

    3. October 22, 2015 / 8:36 pm

      Okay, this is weird as I don’t even know you, but I’m excited you only have six weeks left! Enjoy those baths, and that bed. PLEASE. For me, and the memory of being able to lay in either of them 🙂
      Don’t worry it’s going to be the best thing ever.
      Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub, we got there together didn;t we? x MMT

      • October 22, 2015 / 8:49 pm

        Ahhh honey thank you!! I needed this lovely message I’ve had a rubbish night of being really sick ? I’m definitely going to enjoy bed and baths whilst I can! I keep thinking about all those little changes I’ve got in store for me! I might be coming to you for lots of advice ha ha!
        We did and I’m so glad I’ve linked up! I’m such a newby to all this it’s lovely to be able to get your advice xxx ps. The boots are new look – my saviour ha ha x

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