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  • Enjoy Autumn…..

    Autumn, you beauty…. we meet again.

    Every year, whilst everyone else is savouring those last few days of summer, I am quietly counting down to September. Since being a child I’ve adored Autumn and when I start noticing her creeping in; the odd rusty leaf here, a dewy and misty morning there, I feel such a sense of contentment. It’s like a sigh of relief to see my favourite season is once again upon us.

    I have spoken to a few people the last couple of days where the fact that September is upon us has come up and they’ve groaned, with a sense of dread that “winter is on it’s way”. But I say, don’t rush from summer to winter. Embrace this stunning time of year that we’re blessed with between the hot and cold. Don’t dread the nights drawing in, see it as an excuse to light those scented candles that smell of cinnamon! Don’t dread the chilly mornings, see it as an excuse to throw on a cosy scarf. Don’t dread the way the supermarkets are magically transformed into Christmas caves the seconds the schools go back, see it as an excuse to treat yourself to some of that yummy chocolate that’s on offer and enjoy it with a warm cuppa.

    I embrace all of this with open and glove clad arms!

    For me there is so much to love about Autumn. I’m endlessly mesmerised by the colours of the trees as they change and I am trying to teach myself a few photography tips so I can get some beautiful photos this year. I love the feeling that there is a chill in the air and I can reach for my trusty cosy jumpers and crack out the ankle boots (don’t get me started on those….. the ankle boot obsession is strong)! I love the excuse to have a pumpkin spiced latte and light sweet almond candles!

    I think it’s quite a nostalgic thing for me, my love of this season. I remember being fond of it as a child; that feeling of going back to school and feeling that chill in the air, collecting conkers with my friends and planning our Halloween outfits a good month before the event itself. And as I’ve got older I’ve made even more lovely autumnal memories. By chance, we’ve gone on a little break every September for the last four years in the UK and I’ve loved these little holidays. This year we’re off to the Cotswolds and I can’t wait to get the kids out in the crisp fresh air and watch the trees start to change colour.  I love our Autumn breaks and I already have such fond memories of taking Josh on so many walks in the late afternoon sun on those sunny days.

    The excitement I feel for Autumn may well be akin to the excitement many feel at the start of a New Year. As the wonderful Mr Fitzgerald puts it:

    “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall…..”

    It’s a time to curl up with candles, blankets and your little ones, an excuse to put a film on and not be hounded by Mama guilt if you have a day indoors; you can’t always be expected to brave those Autumn gales and rain. But when you do fancy going out and facing the elements you get to wrap up in the most comfortable clothes and for once not tell off the little ones for splashing in the puddles; that’s what wellies are for.

    And of course, let’s face it, it’s a time to shop. Cosy jumpers, berry nails, new wellies. The Autumn season blesses us with so many fashion treats; soft knit jumpers, cord pinafore dresses and a new coat are all on my list of must haves this fall.  I love to be cosy and I’ve already bought a few bits and pieces that I’ve been waiting to wear in this cooler weather. I’ve been doing a few more fashion type posts over on my Instagram and I expect I’ll do a few more over the next couple of months.


    So if you need me you’ll find me ordering ankle boots, snuggling under a cosy blanket with the kids in front of a movie (most likely The Greatest Showman), drinking hot chocolate (or a glass of red – the only time of year I ever fancy it) and enjoying the ever changing colours this beautiful season spoils us with.  Enjoy Autumn.


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