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  • A Poem about Being Patient…

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    Hi Everyone,

    With my due date imminent, I think the following poem sums the waiting game up beautifully:

    My baby is not a library book.

    So it’s not overdue 

    My baby doesn’t take long to cook 

    ‘Cause it’s not veggie stew 

    My baby’s not an elephant 

    and I’m NOT fit to burst 

    The time and date aren’t relevant 

    We’re blessed with days, not cursed 

    My baby cannot read dates yet 

    because it’s very new 

    So there’s no cause to fuss and fret 

    if it doesn’t come on cue 

    So stop your worry 

    Stop your asking 

    There’s no hurry 

    We’re relaxing 

    In this golden pregnant time 

    this pause, just babies and mine 

    We’re just fine 


    I think these words sum up what can be such a frustrating time beautifully and they encourage me to be patient and positive rather than wishing the time away!  I’m going to make sure I am positive every day waiting for my baby and value the moments of feeling him or her kick inside me until he or she is in my arms!

    Happy Monday <3


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