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  • Autumn, A Yearly Love Affair

    I am one of these unusual creatures who counts down to Autumn. I know so many of you, especially fellow parents, love summer. And don’t get me wrong too, so do I (at least when I’m not pregnant and don’t have sweaty boobs)! But Autumn, I long for it and when September arrives I am in my element.

    I don’t dread that chill in the air, I don’t dread seeing Christmas stuff hit the shops at a stupidly early time of year (mostly because it’s the only time of year I can buy Dark Chocolate Orange), I don’t dread the darker evenings. I embrace it with open, and glove clad arms.  I don’t know what it is that I love so much; there are so many reasons to enjoy this season though. The cosy socks, an excuse to indulge in shopping for boots, and having any reason to drink anything that is pumpkin spiced!

    One of the things I love the most and a fond memory I have from last year when Josh was smaller, are walks in the autumn sun. Every year I am mesmerised by the changing colours of the leaves and trees and I will fully be encouraging Josh to run through the crunchy leaved floor of the woods this year.

    A quote I adore about Autumn, from the wonderful Mr Fitzgerald is:

    Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

    It’s a time to curl up with blankets and your little ones, an excuse to put a film on and not be hounded by Mama guilt if you have a day indoors; you can’t always be expected to brave those Autumn gales and rain. But when you do fancy going out and facing the elements you get to wrap up in the most comfortable clothes and for once not tell off the little ones for splashing in the puddles – that’s what wellies are for.

    I have to admit the fashion is a HUGE part of my passion for Autumn.  Especially with being pregnant again, I want to cosy up in knits (I’ve already started stocking up thanks to Primark), and snuggling my feet into cosy ankle boots.  It’s a time to rock berry nails and, if you are lucky enough to pull it off, a matching berry lip! I often get to Autumn and fancy a hair change, which I am already considering. I am feeling a bit of warmer and darker tone to my hair this season.

    Something that has become somewhat of an Autumn tradition for us is to escape for a few days on a little break. The last couple of years it’s been to the Peak District, and this year we’re going to the Cotwolds. I am, of course, branding it a babymoon, but it’s also our little Autumn break that I look forward to every year. We don’t often go away just us three (four including bump) and it’s always really relaxing and an excuse for long walks and taking in the beautiful changing landscape full of coppers and autumnal colours.

    And let’s face it, as a Mum, there are several reasons to kinda be glad to see the back of summer; I no longer have to do all I can to reduce the temperature in Josh’s room which turns into some sort of furnace in the summer, you don’t have to panic and put suncream on a slippery and fidgety toddler every 5 minutes, you don’t have to have the daily “put your sunhat on” battle (although this is often replaced with “put your woolly hat on”)!

    So light those scented candles, treat yourself to a new throw blanket, dig out the ankle boots, indulge in hot drinks, take your little one to a pumpkin field, paint your nails, get a new winter coat. Embrace that chill in the air; the freshness of a new season, the beautiful colours, and the gorgeousness that is Autumn.

    Cosy up kids **snuggles under blanket**!

    Oh come on – any excuse to put them in hats with fluffy ears!


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