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  • Be You – Baby Bjorn Event

    I was absolutely thrilled this week to attend my very first PR event! I was invited by Baby Bjorn to go to London and check out their new collection and take part in a well-being morning alongside the fabulous Bumps and Burpees, an amazing facility in Chelsea, that focuses on pre-natal and post-natal fitness for Mums.

    Excited much! I was thrilled to be one of the few invited to the event to feast my eyes on this gorgeous collection before anyone else, I was excited to meet fellow bloggers and vloggers, especially as I’ve missed all the recent blog conferences, and I was excited to do something for ME; to meet others who blog and that I could network with and get to know, using this blogging world and our bumps as an ice breaker!

    Living in the depths of Norfolk, I had to start my journey in the very early hours (pregnancy insomnia had it’s perks for once), and despite an eventful train journey to the capital involving a drunken passenger (yes, at 6am) whacking me in the face with her bag when she couldn’t stand, I made it to London and the event safely and full of beans, like an overly eager Hermione Granger on the first day of a new term at Hogwarts.

    Alongside this excitement, I was also very nervous. Was I going to be out of my depth; I may not have a patch on what the other influencers and bloggers have there. And there were a few well known faces. But instantly I felt at ease with everyone from the Baby Bjorn team, the Bumps and Burpees team, the amazing PR holding the event and even more importantly, the lovely fellow bloggers and influencers there.

    BabyBjorn Carrier One

    So, the collection! I love the message behind it; Be You! The BabyBjorn team summed up their concept behind the slogan beautifully, and so simply: “We support your choices, You know best – You are Mum”. And that’s so true. As Mums we so often doubt ourselves and we shouldn’t. We know how to be the best Mum we can be and we need to make sure we have faith in ourselves in doing that.

    Charlotte Smirnova Lindblom, the lead copywriter for the campaign, says “This is a topic we feel passionate about. We’ve created a campaign designed to increase acceptance of the fact that we are all unique, we make different choices and have our own styles. Nobody should have to pretend to be somebody they’re not. Each one of us should be able to trust in our own abilities and instincts when it comes to parenthood too”.

    BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

    And that they have. The new collection is simply beautiful; the stand out being the amazing colours that subtly but beautifully represent diversity and expresses the freedom to choose which one you like. And that, in my opinion, represents everything about motherhood. It is so overwhelming sometimes. We have so many choices, options, opinions thrown our way as Mothers. To have a company as well known and relevant as Baby Bjorn doing all they can to support Mums makes them a stand out brand and this is only emphasised by the fact that professional models aren’t used in the photographs for the campaign; they are all regular and genuine parents like you and I.  The products themselves, including the BabyBjorn Carrier One and Bouncer Bliss are so often a staple part of any new Mums wish list.

    A Morning of Well-Being

    Having first eyes on the products was just one bonuses of the morning. Well-being is such an important part of pregnancy and motherhood, and this is something that is so easily forgotten in the midst of growing a baby, which to an extent is enough; it’s such an overwhelming time. The thing I loved about Bumps and Burpees which struck me straight away was their kindness and genuine care for each mother. You can see it is their passion to look after and advise us Mums and Mums to be with our well-being at the forefront of their mind. This combined with the vision that BabyBjorn also has, made those of us attending the event feel incredibly well looked after, and it reminded us we can do a bit of gentle exercise during pregnancy and it doesn’t all have to feel like a chore!

    Making friends with some fabulous people including the lovely Joey Kendal Brown whose YouTube channel you must check out!

    I felt like I took so much away from the morning. Not only from the event itself, which as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed, but from having a morning as Fi and not just as “Mummy”. Now, don’t get me wrong, being Mummy is the thing I am proudest of in my life – it is undoubtedly my greatest achievement. But sometimes you get that feeling of fear you are losing a bit of your identity. I think it’s important to have a bit of time to yourself when you can and to do things for you and not just for your little ones. So for me, to do something for my blog and myself, to have a day out alone without the worry of trying to lug a buggy on public transport, or panic if naptime hasn’t happened, was a real treat. I embraced every aspect that I could; the train journey was full of cups of tea that didn’t go cold, and the opportunity to read two (Yes TWO) magazines AND a bit of my book! I took the time to have a nose in the shops at the station before getting my train home. I enjoyed the walk back through Chelsea after the event and taking blog photos. For me, it was a day of opportunity and I wanted to relish every moment.

    Because Chelsea has so many hidden gems <3

    As I sat on the train, nearing Norwich and the car journey home, excitement kicked in though. Excitement to go and collect Josh from nursery. I was itching to see him by the time I pulled up outside. It was his first full day at nursery and he loved it! He was full of beans when I collected him and he came flying over to see me when I arrived. This was the cherry on the cake of an amazing day for me; a day where I got to meet with an amazing brand and team of people, where I got to put myself and Beauty Baby and Me out there to show what I can do and achieve, where I got to have a little time to myself and where I got to receive the biggest cuddle from my baby at the end of the day.

    I feel like I have lots to think about now following the event, particularly when it comes to taking myself during this pregnancy and in the recovery.  Taking care of yourself, mentally and physically, during paramount both for you and your children. Happy Mummy will always equal Happy Baby. And of course, my excitement at trying out the BabyBjorn carrier and bouncer when my little one arrives is huge.

    So keep your eyes peeled for that, and in keeping with the well-being, I vow to try and stay away from those Chocolate Oranges I’ve become addicted to!  And be sure to check out BabyBjorns beautiful new collection here.



    1. The Mummy Bubble
      October 12, 2017 / 7:46 am

      The new products look beautiful. We have a Baby Bjorn carrier, love their products. Sounds like you had an amazing time x #coolmumclub

    2. October 12, 2017 / 10:04 am

      Sounds like you had a lush time my love!

      PS. J’adore that door! x #coolmumclub
      Rach recently posted…Top 10 Songs: Year 2005My Profile

    3. October 12, 2017 / 7:23 pm

      Amazing Fi! Looks like a wonderful day. Can’t wait to see a little bubba in those bits!


      Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub
      MMT recently posted…#CoolMumClub Linky Week 80My Profile

    4. October 16, 2017 / 2:21 pm

      Ooooh look at you mama! So THAT’S what you were doing in London from those FB posts I saw! How totally fab. Gosh that baby carrier looks positively space age like and just a tad different from the ones that were around when mine were babies!! So glad you had such a great day. PS can I call you Hermione from now on?

    5. October 19, 2017 / 3:46 pm

      Sounds a really good day and fab event. I never had a baby bjorn but someone recently told me they are good so I might give one a go this time. #coolmumclub

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