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  • Baby Boy – 5 Month Update

    Hi Everyone,

    Josh smiley 5 months

    Cheeky and Happy!

    Unbelievably as of this weekend I have a mischievous 5 month old baby boy! 5 months old! How the bloody hell did that happen. In a month he’ll be half a year old. His little best buddy turned 6 months old this week and it’s unreal to think that we have come so far.


    Best Buds…. It’s ridiculous how alike they look!

    Having hit 5 months we’ve of course encountered new challenges, namely teething. We’ve got gallons of drool, the cutest flushed cheeks in the world, and insane amounts of chewing on fists, muslins, teething toys and every thing else he can get his hands on! I feel so bad for him to be honest, toothache is bad enough when you’re an adult, the thought of a whole set of teeth trying to break through your gums as a tiny helpless baby is just hideous. I’ve bought some of the powders you put on their tongue that are meant to help them, but I can’t see that they’re making much of a difference. For now I’m just going to power through and give him lots of cuddles but if any of you lovely readers have any tips on coping with that first bit of teething it would be much appreciated!

    The other big milestone is weaning. The last two weeks Josh is suddenly fascinated with anything I eat. So I am starting to introduce some food to him; all very simple stuff like baby rice porridge and banana, which he seems to love. I have a huge fear of him choking though so I haven’t braved the baby led weaning yet although I really want to. I’ve booked us on to a baby first aid course which I’m hoping will alleviate my fears and I can start trying some finger foods with him. But again if any of you have tips on weaning and baby led weaning let me know. It’s something I’ve found quite a head spin to get started with especially not knowing whether to do baby led or purées but I’m hoping for a combination of both whilst continuing to breast feed.

    I am loving this age. Josh is interacting more and more now. He smiles and giggles lots, he has started rolling over (although he often needs a helping hand) and he I’ve really noticed that he is acknowledging things more; he laughs his head off when he sees the cats and tries to pet them, and when we read each night he keeps trying to turn the pages himself. Plus he’s still pretty immobile so I can still get on with things whilst leaving him on his play mat without having to worry, although I think those days are very numbered. I am hoping he will be sitting up by the next update, and that he’ll have cut a tooth.

    I think our other big milestone by the time I write the next update will be moving him into his own room. I’m hoping he will go down to one feed a night soon; he is so close. I usually feed him around midnight and he often goes through until 5am; if I could just get him through till 6am we’d be on just one feed a night! So I’m hoping that will happen soon then I’ll brave moving him into his own room! Eek – something I am very nervous about!


    Everytime Dizzy walks past him, he cracks up laughing

    It’s been a lovely few weeks. Sam is now working his overtime shifts until June (ish) so we’ve been keeping very busy and we had my brother come and visit which Josh loved, mostly because he got spoilt!!


    Showing Josh Daddys work in the distance

    It’s lovely to see how much his Uncle dotes on him. We’ve also been spending lots of time with friends and possibly eating far too much cake (well that’s just me)!  And most excitingly, Josh’s christening is all booked for June which I am really looking forward to and I’ve already got my outfit! Just need to get Josh’s now 😉

    So as you can tell we’ve been busy and I’m very happy. Of course we have good days and bad days but the good certainly outweigh the bad. And as times gone on we’ve learnt to cope with the bad days a lot better than we did in the early days. I feel completely at ease with things like breastfeeding and dealing with Josh when he has a meltdown in public now; time has given us the chance to get understand each other more and more and just seeing how he looks at me smiling I know he loves me, and understands I’m his Mummy. It’s the best feeling in the world and it’s just getting better and better. I remember in the early days the thought of getting to this sort of stage of feeling comfortable and confident and managing to accomplish a million things in the day seemed like some sort of unrealistic and distant dream. So I don’t take for granted how well I’ve done adjusting to motherhood and coping with things like difficulties feeding and sleep deprivation. I’m so grateful to have had lots of support and as cheesy as this may sound, I’m very proud of myself for doing what I think is a good job with Josh. He’s a very happy baby and I like to think that’s a testament to Sam and I.


    It’s exhausting being this cute

    So that’s it for this month. From the horrendous noise I’ve just heard Josh has done an enormous poo so I best go but I am really looking forward to the next baby update when I’ll get to tell you all about his christening! Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine for us

    Thanks for reading x

    **If you’ve enjoyed this post or any of my website, you’ll be pleased to hear I am a finalist in the 2016 MAD Blog Awards in the category of Best Baby Blog and it would mean the absolute world if you’d vote for me, which you can do here Thank you so much xo**



    1. May 3, 2016 / 2:20 pm

      oh he is soooo cute! My baby girl just turned 3 months old and is now drooling like crazy and eating her hands as well. I love the photos xx


    2. May 4, 2016 / 1:10 pm

      I was organising Little B’s christening this time last year – it’s such a fun time and I hope it’s all going well! #passthesauce

      • May 5, 2016 / 8:37 pm

        It is although a few people have already said they can’t make it! Boo! But I’m very excited to pick outfits! xx

    3. May 4, 2016 / 3:30 pm

      How has it been 5 months since your little man arrived? That has flown by! He is such a cutie and it’s such an exciting age! We did purees with our first and baby led with our second, and I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of the baby led style. It’s just so easy and maybe it’s coincidental but he is far less picky than his sister and eats really well? We still gave him the odd puree though if we were out and about or a fruit pouch / puree as desert. One tip I read was to try tinned veggies (like tinned baby carrots etc). I know fresh is always best where you can but if you just need to grab something quick whilst weaning, they are at room temperature already, perfectly prepared and soft and the right size for little paws. Mstr Tot loved them! Good luck! x
      Thanks for linking up with #passthesauce x

      • May 5, 2016 / 8:36 pm

        I have no idea hun it’s mental how quick it has gone. I am persevering with the baby led but also doing purees. I love the tinned veg tip! I hadn’t even thought of that so thank you so much xx #passthesauce

        • May 6, 2016 / 7:35 am

          I was onto weaning tot 2 before I stumbled upon that tip – and wondered why I hadn’t thought of it with tot 1!? Good luck lovely xx

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