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  • Blogmas – Day 13

    Morning Guys,

    So after my shit storm of a day yesterday I thought I’d make todays post a bit more positive and tell you all about our weekend away to London!

    We went to visit Sams sister who lives in Kent, and met up with some friends in the city who had yet to meet Josh and it was so lovely.

    One of the absolute highlights of my weekend though was seeing this one:

    I got friendly with Charlie a couple of months back and first met her at Blogfest. Since then we’ve got to become good friends, and it’s lovely that our boys are a fairly similar age so we thought what better way to start the weekend than with a little play date! It was lovely for Josh and Noah to meet and for us Mums to have a good catch up over a cuppa! I’ve got the upmost respect for Charlie; she’s a really positive and inspiring person and if you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel then do so cause her videos with her husband are fantastic, funny and really relatable. And in the spirit of Christmas Charlie is doing an Advent of Facebook Lives each evening in the run up to Christmas which are great and you can watch here I love that blogging has opened up a whole new world of friends and it’s so lovely when you find someone you really click with.

    Later in the day Sam, Josh and I braved the crowds and headed into London. Oh crap…..

    Family Selfie… we had no idea of the chaos we were about to endure!

    Not being city people (other than good old Norwich) we underestimated just how hard it is to get a baby in a buggy around London. In the space of a few hours I decided that I hated:

    • Tube Stations
    • Tube Station Lifts
    • Tube Station signs – THEY LEAD TO NOWHERE
    • Crowds
    • Tourists (even though I technically was one)
    • Stairs
    • Queues
    • Drunk Santas

    To say I was a bit stressed is an understatement. We finally made it to Winter Wonderland and met up with our lovely friends and had a drink which was well worth the wait. Unfortunately Josh woke up from a nap whilst we were there and went into meltdown mode and freaked out! I’m not sure if it was the loud music, the crowds or the fact he somehow knew we’d have to brave the Tube again but  we had no choice but to leave Winter Wonderland to calm him down.

    From an entirely selfish point of view this worked out fine for me! We ended up going on a lovely walk through Hyde Park, along the Mall and up to Buckingham Palace where we took an obligatory cheesy tourist (told you I secretly was one) photo:


    We then headed to Victoria and a lovely pub that was warm, cosy, child friendly and sold prosecco. My mood lifted!

    Pub Date with Uncle Niall!

    Because I’ll be honest… and forgive me for sounding negative but, I hated Winter Wonderland. Yes the concept is lovely; Christmas lights, music, yummy food. But my personal reality was queueing for queues, the need to remortgage our house in order to afford a Gluhwein and an overwhelming sense of crowds. I am NOT a scrooge at Christmas; I love this time of year, you only have to see how many fairy lights are around my house to sense that, but I didn’t like Winter Wonderland. It wasn’t for me and I wouldn’t go back.

    However what I did love about the weekend is exactly what this time of year is all about; seeing friends and family, making memories. Seeing Josh looking up to his cousins and trying to keep up with them, relaxing with my friends and putting the world to rights about sleepless nights and the inability to get a child to keep their socks on! These are the moments that make every crowd, every queue, every moment of stress (from me, worrying that Josh is hungry/tired/anything other than happy) worth it.

    “When I grow up I want to be just like my cousin!”

    What do you mean a 6am wake up call on a Sunday isn’t acceptable?

    All smiles

    The only other moment of panic I had…. getting home and realising that in all the chaos I FORGOT TO GO TO VICTORIA SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh well, better head back to the big smoke in the New Year….. do I dare!

    Have a great day everyone (and thank you for listening to my complaining yesterday – it was a tough day)





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