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  • Blogmas Day 15 – Feeling Grateful

    Hi Guys,

    It’s been a week of highs and lows this week, as you’ll know if you’ve been keeping up with Blogmas (aren’t I doing better this week – not sacked off one day! Woo Hoo)!

    Todays post is quite a short and snappy one but it’s going to be a gratitude list. I did one of these as part of one of my posts last week and people seemed to really like it so I thought I’d do another! Besides, I am grateful for A LOT this week:

    • Calpol. Enough Said.
    • My friends. Blogging and “real life” friends. When I had that shitty day on Monday I got so many lovely messages of support from friends reminding me I’m actually not doing half bad and that I’m not alone; all us Mums have tough days. I got some really special comments from some blogging friends too and it just means so much.

    • My Life. This may sound OTT but I am so lucky with what I have. As I type this I am watching the news and the state of Aleppo. It is heart breaking. There are grown men there shivering, unable to support their wives and children in this awful sorry state. It makes me feel like a dick when I’m fretting over the fact that I’ve run out of sellotape. There isn’t much I can do myself other than a charity donation, but I can open my eyes and recognise what I’m fortunate enough to have right in front of me; a home, food and warmth. It’s so hard to watch these people, especially children, suffering.

    • Blogging. I am having a very good blogging week with several lovely goodies sent this way to me and this week I got an email from a PR company informing me that I’ve been nominated by another blogger (I have no idea who this is yet) to receive a special Christmas gift! I will apparently find out who my lovely nominator is once it arrives but I already feel so special; what a lovely thing to do.
    • Christmas; aren’t people nice at this time of year. Yes we are all a bit stressed, rushing round buying presents and scrummy food, but it is the time of year that brings out peoples positive spirits. People seem even more friendly than usual and it makes all the difference to just receive a warm smile from a stranger when you’re out and about.
    • New Look. Oh my beloved New Look, how you spoil me with your Christmas selection!

    • Terrys Dark Chocolate Orange. Still.
    • My Mother in Law – thanks to her, me and Hubs are off out tonight to his work Christmas do. And I’m talking OUT OUT! Heels, clutch bag, hair being done and more than three glasses of prosecco. I might even have a jaigerbomb…. old Fi is coming out to play! Actually having seen this photo maybe not!!


    • Paracetamol- in preparation for Friday morning!
    • Josh for being outstandingly brave during his jabs this morning!
    • Prosecco. Obviously

    Expect tomorrows post to be….. hungover. Or non existent!

    Lots of Love



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    1. December 15, 2016 / 6:39 pm

      Cool post, friends are important and this time of year is a good time to celebrate it lol. Glad to see your blog has been nominated for a gift too.

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