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  • Blogmas Day 16 – A Bit of a Sore Head

    Morning Guys,

    So if any of you have been watching my Instagram Stories you’ll know I was VERY excited about a night out last night.  And it didn’t fail to disappoint – we had a bloody brilliant night.

    Then I woke up this morning and remembered I had a human to feed, dress and amuse.

    Hangover – 1

    Fi – 0

    Pre baby, hangovers were all about sleep, sofa, blanky and carb loading.  I could while the day away on the couch, watching Harry Potter and eating my body weight in pizza, crisps and cheese.

    Post baby, hangovers are even more hellish than they were before. I have had the soothing (!) tones of the bastard Teletubbies to contend with, the stench of one horrendous poo explosion, and a child who couldn’t care less if I crawled into bed at the frankly irresponsible and ludicrous time of 2.30am; in Josh’s world, 6.30am is playtime! And practising talking time!

    When the baby photo bombs you!


    Currently I am missing having the time to nurse a hangover. I am also mentally slapping myself for thinking raspberry vodka shots were a good idea…. idiot. I don’t even like vodka. However I do like prosecco, of which I drank a lot! I even got a free bottle from the venue to congratulate me on “just having had a baby”…….. don’t judge me, they don’t need to know that “just” equals a year ago. It was free bubbles – what did you expect from me!

    One of my most favourite parts of last night was when we got home though. Not because I needed bed or because I may or may not have thrown up hence making myself feeling substantially better. But because hubby and I went and made a load of food, turned on some music (quietly) in the kitchen and spent a good hour chatting crap and drinking gallons of water in the hope it would prevent a hangover in the morning (obviously it didn’t)! It was one of those things we used to do when we were first living together in our tiny flat, and we used to go out (I had an actual social life, God bless those days). Hanging out with my best mate after a fun filled night of laughing, being silly and owning the dance floor when Livin’ on a Prayer (our wedding song) came on!!

    So in a way, the hangover is worth it. I got to get glammed up, have a fun baby free night and have a much needed dance. But this Mama can’t really handle these nights out anymore. Give me the sofa, a box set and my token glass of prosecco any day….. well at least for a month or so!

    Sorry this is short and sweet but I must spend the rest of the day drowning in tea!





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