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  • Blogmas – Day 2 – Baby Boys Birthday!

    Hi Everyone

    So it’s day two of Blogmas, and a very special day for us because today is Josh’s first birthday!


    I am actually writing this at 6am because I know we are going to be crazy busy today so I thought I’d get the post started and finish it tonight when I’ve no doubt I’ll collapse in an exhausted heap! We’ve got a lovely day planned; I need to finish icing Josh’s Hungry Caterpillar cake (SO proud of this by the way, I can’t bake for shit yet I’ve managed to bake the yummiest sponge cake ever), we’re going to take him for a walk this morning to feed the ducks and then this afternoon his little baby buddies are coming over along with his Granny and Grumps!

    I know today is more for Sam and I than Josh seeing as he has absolutely no idea that it would be a day different from any other, and to be honest I don’t mind that. I am so excited to see his face when he opens his presents, and to see him get spoilt with love and cuddles. We’re not a flash couple; there’s no big fancy party – in fact I have actual Mama guilt cause I forgot to get any balloons or banners for the house (I was caught up in a festive array of fairy lights and Christmas tree decorations yesterday) so I’ve got to go and get them this morning. But it is really important to me that he has a special day. I will of course be taking a million photos and I actually think I might vlog today and put something up over the next couple of days.


    What a difference a year makes


    It’s mad to think this time last year I was in hospital – If I recall rightly it was a bit of a rest period. Everything slowed down after my epidural was administered and I’d been advised to try and rest. I couldn’t of course. I remember Sam managed to get an hour or so’s sleep next to me on the floor, but I laid there just thinking “wow, this is it, life is going to change in the next few hours”!

    And that it did! Now I’ve got the most adorable chunky monkey of a baby, who I can currently hear snoring through the baby monitor. So I’m going to enjoy this hot cuppa whilst I can, and I will finish off this post later. Sorry if this is all a bit soppy; I’m a right old soft touch underneath all the ranting and swearing!

    12 hours later……

    So it’s now 7 at night and I’m shattered! But it’s been worth it. What a lovely day we’ve had; I finished the cake, taken Josh to feed the ducks, had some of his little friends over for an afternoon of presents, food and playing, and then lots of cuddles with Granny and Grumps this evening. It’s been such a lovely day and it’s reminded me just how lucky Josh (and I) are to have such amazing friends.

    Of course, teething doesn’t just disappear just because it’s a certain little boys birthday. He’s had his moments today, don’t they all. But he has, for the most part, had a lovely day and had a lot of cuddles, love and presents.

    I had to pop out this afternoon once all our friends had gone home, and whilst driving back from Morrisons I noticed the time. It was around 16.45, which was about the time I was most likely about to be sliced open for Josh’s birth at 17.02. It felt a bit weird to think that this time a year ago I was going through the most life changing moment via a major operation and then a year later I was just driving back from Morrisons with my shopping whilst singing along to Little Mix!!

    And now it’s the end of the day, I’m sat on the floor drinking pink bubbly and, obviously, writing this blog. And I can’t lie, I’m shattered! But in a nice way; I’m so relaxed, grateful, happy. We’ve had such a special day and I’m so grateful to everyone who made the day so special.


    What a lovely post for Blogmas Day 2! Tomorrow it’ll be back to normal…. stress, sleep deprivation and a steady reliance on wine and under eye cream.




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    1. December 2, 2016 / 8:28 pm

      Awww, sounds like. A lovely day!!! ?? xxx

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