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  • Blogmas – Day 3 – A Christmassy Saturday

    Hi Guys,

    Day three of Blogmas already! I am so sleepy (AKA lazy) that I was thinking I’d do it tomorrow morning but I have managed to get the enthusiasm to blog tonight. I can’t be slacking on day three already!


    We’ve had such a lovely day. Josh slept pretty well last night so I wasn’t completely exhausted today which was a pleasant change. So we decided to go to one of the local garden centres and stock up on fairy lights for the outside of the house and have a bit of lunch! We actually went to the garden centre that we went to on our first outing as a family after Josh was born which was nice given it was a year ago! Josh absolutely loved the place today because it was full of Christmas lights – he was just screaming and laughing his head off, and managing to charm all the ladies there who were stopping to coo over him. I can’t help but feel like such a proud Mummy when that happens – he’s so smiley and happy, it makes me so happy.

    On a whim we decided to take Josh to see Father Christmas at the grotto there! This could have gone one of two ways; he could have had an utter meltdown but he loved it!!!!! Again, he was all smiles, charming Father Christmas into giving him a lovely present, and we got some adorable photos of him.


    After a lovely lunch (we’d planned on something along the lines of soup and a bit of cake but in the end I had the Christmas lunch with a mince pie that was on offer!!!), we headed home. On a whim we stopped at a lovely local pub on our way back for a little festive drink. I think we were both in a really happy festive mood so we thought we’d treat ourselves. It was so cosy and Christmassy with a log fire and lots of decorations – cue the opportunity for Josh to scream at some more Christmas lights!

    The rest of the afternoon has been so relaxed; I even read half of Cosmopolitan with a cuppa whilst Josh had a nap, which I am sure any Mummy will appreciate is an achievement in itself! This evening has been all about Strictly, Sofa and Sparkles (OK, Pink Fizz)! But it’s been a really lovely family day and I feel so relaxed and content.


    I realise that day 3 of Blogmas may not be massively interesting to read today, but I am in such a happy, chilled and family orientated mood. I think I’m in a little bubble this evening! I’ll be sure to get back to rude, feisty, outspoken Fi tomorrow!!!




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