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  • Blogmas Day 5

    Hello my little Christmas puddings!

    Welcome back to Blogmas. Ok, Ok, I’ll own up – I fucked up and missed yesterday! But I did do a very positive Monday Motivation post which I hope you all enjoyed! So I am hoping that means you’ll all forgive me. I know any other Mum blogger will realise how hard it can be to blog and keep a child alive, happy and fed all in one day. I promise I will do my very best though. I have no idea how people do vlogmas every day of December.


    Mama needed to chill!

    We have had a very busy couple of days! Yesterday we had a morning at baby gym; the madness of approximately 30 babies and toddlers running around like absolute loons. I must be completely mental, but Josh enjoyed it which is the main thing. Then we had a friends little ones birthday party which was lovely although when it came to picture time my child was the one who decided to have an epic meltdown……


    No more photos please!

    After a hectic weekend I had no choice but to treat myself to a nice relaxing evening – bath, book, and cosy clothes! However even this was only done in 30 minutes, as is the rule of thumb in motherhood because a certain (miserable teething) sprog needed dinner. Which of course, as per his mood, he refused until I put on In The (bastard, sodding, frankly frightening) Night Garden. Once that was on he ate the whole dinner!!! This bad mood may have been his revenge for Mummy forgetting to take his 1st birthday milestone card on his actual birthday – better two days late than never:


    Today has been my first day of attempting to wean Josh off the boob, starting with day time feeds. To be fair I don’t feed much in the day now, it’s just before naps generally. This morning we went out in the car (any excuse for a cuppa in Sainsburys with the bestie) so he napped in the car and didn’t expect a feed. However, this afternoon is not going as well. In fact I put him down for his nap about 15 minutes ago, minus the feed, and he is still whinging in his cot. I am very fortunate that Josh doesn’t tend to scream his head off; he whinges and grumbles but eventually bores himself and falls asleep. I can’t say that is proving very successful right now – in fact, now that I’ve written that I am sure he will go completely mental now!

    My friend sent me this quote this morning; she’d had a shit night, as had most of us in our little Whats App NCT group chat and it made me laugh. So any Mamas reading this who may have had a rubbish day/night/week, you will appreciate this:

    img_3737Until tomorrow my lovelies xx

    PS. Josh fell asleep – winning at motherhood right now!


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