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  • Blogmas Days 17 & 18 – A Christmassy Weekend

    Hey Guys,

    OK, OK, I’m sorry! I am officially useless! I am the worst Blogmasser (is that a word) ever! But this weekend has been so lovely, busy and festive its been worth missing a few days for.

    I love this photo from last week – Josh wanted to come out too!

    I am feeling SO Christmassy! And organised, which is lovely as it’s one less thing to worry about!

    After my hideously hungover day of Friday, I’ve never appreciated waking up without a hangover as much as I did on Saturday! Talk about a lovely feeling. I woke up full of beans and ready to face the chaos of Norwich to finish our Christmas shopping. Although we did have one horrible incident on Saturday morning; Josh fell and bumped his head, resulting in me feeling like the worlds worst mother for turning my back for the 7 or so seconds that I did! He is such a good boy and although he cried at first of course, he was fine. A feed (thank goodness I’ve still failed – should I say that – to stop feeding) soothed him and we got a bit of advice from a nurse as you can never be too careful with kids heads. Thankfully Josh seemed absolutely fine so off we went to Norwich.

    After the chaos of London last week, Norwich seemed like a walk in the park and we were keen to show Josh the Christmas lights especially the Norwich Tunnel of Light, which is so beautiful! We had also planned to visit the Christmas market in the city that day…. it wasn’t till yesterday it dawned on us we totally forgot to do this as we were so caught up in shopping and lunching!

    We did have one unfortunate incident. Obviously Norwich was busy, but in my opinion it’s a friendly city, everyone was in the festive spirit (I loved seeing people dancing to the band playing outside Jarrolds) and people are quite understanding when you’ve got a buggy. Sam was “driving” as he proudly likes to do at any opportunity, and as we were walking to lunch a young woman, clad in immaculate designer gear and toting a Michael Kors bag I’d have been proud of to be fair, came storming through the crowds and ended up right in the path of the buggy. Sam dodged her of course, but then she said “Urgh people with buggys”! My husband is as feisty as me when it comes to not taking any crap and had no problem with, loudly, responding with a sarcastic “Sorry Love, maybe when you have kids you’ll understand” which raised a few chuckles amongst the crowd.

    I know people are busy at this time of year, everyone is in a rush, and yes a lot of people hate buggys and/or people with children at the shops. But what are we supposed to do – be chained to the house so as not to put childless people in a bad mood. I don’t use my buggy as a machine to plough through the crowds, I’d never be that rude. So why is ok for others to be rude to me for going out with it! You do get a vast amount of over exaggerated sighs, you are often the one expected to move out the way on the pavements as someone tries to get by (never mind that there is moving traffic, you just move so I can get by without having to let go of my boyfriends hand and we can walk side by side whilst your child dodges a lunatic white van driver)! You’d think at this time of year as well, most people would be in the festive spirit and a bit kinder, and on the whole they are. But it was irritating to have that girl say that. However I’d love to be a fly on the wall when her time, God willing, to tackle the world as a new Mum comes and she realises it’s not actually that bloody easy!

    After pigging out at Bills for lunch (can’t recommend this place enough it’s fab – thank you Hannah Maggs for recommending it), we went home and had a lovely festive afternoon watching Christmas films. Josh and Sam went out for an hour or so to get some more supplies leaving me with no choice but to put my feet up with a glass of festive fizz and Love Actually! And of course I spend the evening watching the Strictly final! Dannys Samba…… Wow!

    Cosy Christmas Afternoon

    Sunday morning was spent with friends! One of my best, oldest and frankly most amazing friends came to visit with her family for the morning and it was so lovely. True friendships are the ones where you may go a long time without seeing one another, but when you do, it’s like no time has passed at all and it’s the same as always.  Aimee is a huge influence on my life, probably more than she realises. She has a great positive energy, and she believes in a lot of the same values as I do. I just love her to bits and it was so special to see her and her little family.

    True Friendship <3

    After that we had an impromptu visit to the garden centre, where we discovered they’d got some beautiful reindeer in for the festive period. Josh loved them and we spent time feeding them carrots.

    We had then intended to go for a bit of cake in the café…. through no fault of our own this snowballed into a full on roast dinner – we saw it as practise for Christmas dinner!! Then it was another lovely lazy afternoon at home – including a lovely candle lit bath that the hubby ran for me, having picked up on the fact I was a little…. ahem, hormonal! All I’ll say is that some days I HATE being a woman!

    He’s a good ‘un

    I am feeling so relaxed, festive and happy after such a lovely weekend with my little family. That’s what this time of year is all about, and to be honest I feel that’s what life is all about. That’s why I blog the way I do. If you saw my Instagram post yesterday you’ll see how passionate I am about blogging my way. That’s one of the things I’ve really learnt this year through my blogging, and when I do my post on my goals for 2017, it will be with this attitude. Life is short, you’ve got to make the most of it. Yes I may be sodding useless at blogmas, but life is for living and I don’t regret a second of not writing this weekend. Besides, I’m doing it now, 7am on a Monday! See I do have some dedication! 🙂

    Have a great Monday chicks – this time next week it’ll be lazy Boxing Day! Bubble N Squeak, left over fizz and rubbish TV!



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    1. December 19, 2016 / 9:42 am

      Ahh what a lovely weekend, apart from that rude lady! I get it a lot when we are out with the double buggy, it’s like people forget that their children were small once! The tunnel of light looks amazing, as did your bubble bath! Glad you had a fab time, six more sleeps!!!!!!! Xxx

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