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  • Christmas when Pregnant

    So as I write this there are only four more seeps until Christmas! Eeek! It is such a lovely feeling, the build up to the big day and the anticipation. There’s a sense of magic in the air and everyone is in a good mood (unless they’re in a supermarket – then they are full of festive crazy and a bit bad tempered).

    This is going to be my first Christmas whilst pregnant; Josh popped out three weeks before Christmas so I’ve always been lucky and been able to indulge in a glass of fizz and a slab of pate. But not this year! This year I will be over 34 weeks pregnant and given how I feel right now I will be channeling my inner whale and indulging in tubs of miniature heroes!

    Festive Bump! Feed me Chocolate!

    But all is not lost just because I can’t have the bubbles and bucks fizz. There is so much more to Christmas plus I will have my inner smug on when I don’t have a hangover. Josh is obviously still that little bit too young to fully understand but seeing his face on his birthday when he opened gifts and recognising some of the things we gave him makes me excited to see his reaction when he opens his presents from Father Christmas!

    At this time of year there is just so much to smile about, embrace and enjoy:

    • The food. Look, I’m a pregnant lady what can I say – food is my lifeline right now. I’ve been indulging in mince pies, which I don’t even normally like, and it’s the only time of year I can easily get hold of my beloved dark chocolate orange (Must stock up before the big day). Plus when you’re pregnant, no one is going to judge you on how much you eat!!!
    • The decorations. I am a big fan of fairy lights so this is my dreamy time of year where I can decorate the house with loads of them. I love our Christmas tree too; I try to keep it looking quite traditional with red and gold and each year I buy one or two new decorations for the tree. It’s a tradition my Mum started and one I’ve kept up as I love seeing all the different ornaments each year and remembering where we bought them and why. We’ve got baubles from skiing holidays, one that has baby Josh’s tiny newborn handprint on it, and even one that contains our wedding invitation!
    • Christmas Jumpers. Love them or hate them, they’re unavoidable at this time of year and I for one love them! I’ve got two this year and thankfully one is maternity so accommodates my ever growing bump. I love seeing everyone in their jumpers; it brings out the fun in everyone.
    • The “wind down”! I love the week before Christmas where you can wind down, start to relax, and let go of that day to day stress we get so caught up in. I used to love it at work when everyone was in this sort of mood and it was all a bit more lighthearted and you’d see a fun side to everyone. Of course now I am no longer working in the office but I am enjoying this year in the same respect by taking a step back from my freelance work and making the most of the last few weeks before the baby arrives.
    • The music. This year I discovered a couple of digital radio stations dedicated simply to Christmas songs – I have been in my element with this. If I’m a bit grumpy (hormones, hormones, hormones) or Josh and I are having a testing day then whacking on some festive tunes soon perks us up and gets us dancing around the kitchen.
    • Presents! Of course I am all for giving gifts and I’ll get on to that in a minute. But I’m also not going to lie; I love receiving presents. I am somewhat spoilt in that my husband is very very good with presents. He puts a lot of thought into what he’s going to give me; I could ask for a Mulberry bag every year and I’ll never get one but I never care because every year he gives me something with so much thought in it and that is personal to us. He’s created photo walls in our house, engraved jewellery, and surprise trips away. I appreciate how much effort he puts in, although it does put the pressure on me to make sure I do as well as him with gifts! I love giving presents that I know people will love – it is one of the best feelings you can experience seeing someones face open something they’ll love.

    Kids find happiness in EVERYTHING at this time of year <3

    • Christmas Films; Love Actually, The Holiday, Home Alone, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Elf; I could go on and on! There is nothing like getting cosy on the sofa with some nibbles and a blanket and laughing your head off at Elf!
    • Sparkles. It’s the one time of year you can legit wear glitter and sparkles, be it clothes or make up, without people wondering why on earth you’re “overdressed”! I am obsessed with glittery make up at this time of year – bring on those glittery smokey eyes. I’ve got to look good whilst sat in my festive pyjamas watching Elf.
    • The seasonal aisle in the supermarket. Ah it’s one of my happy places; lindt chocolate, 3 for 2 on decorations; just chuck some wrapping paper in the trolley too so it feels like real Christmas shopping and not just an excuse to buy multiple selection boxes!
    • Proud Mama Alert! Josh has done his first year at nursery and unbeknown to me it appears that it’s customary for them to come home at the end of term at Christmas with all manner of adorable home made treats for Mum and Dad. Suffice to say the cuteness combined with pregnancy hormones sent me into a sobbing proud Mama mess.

    How cute!!!!

    • Family! Family is everything at Christmas. We tend to spend our Christmas with my husbands family as they live closer to us but we always go and visit my family the week before Christmas to celebrate. That way we get the best of both worlds.

    This year I must admit I can’t wait to go and visit Sam’s family and quite frankly use them to my full advantage and get them to watch Josh whilst I escape for what will be more than one Christmas day nap! I love the chaos, the noise and laughter that echoes through the house, I even quite enjoy the wait to open presents until after lunch despite the fact I complain every year to my poor Mother in Law! It’s now just all part of the fun and tradition!

    Family, Friends, Laughter, Food, Presents, Memories, Bubbly (when you’re not preggers), More Food, Love, Laughter, Reflection – that’s what it’s all about.

    Merry Christmas my loves.





























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    1. December 22, 2017 / 9:01 am

      Have a lovely Christmas hun, hope you bump, Josh and family have a great one. Christmas in 2012 I was about 6 weeks pregnant and spent the day feeling sick, I think I would quite enjoy having a big bump at Christmas time though, as you said you can eat all the chocolate and no one is allowed to say a word!xx

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