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  • What We Couldn’t Get Through The Week Without

    Hi Everyone,

    So the products this week are in relation to our week away last week (sorry for the confusion)! You’d think I’d be putting nice clothes for our days out, or the all important prosecco a Mum is completely entitled to on holiday. But No! Seeing as my child refused to sleep on holiday, these products are ones that just about got us through a very sleep deprived week!

    For Josh, Ewan the Dream Sheep saved the day (well, night)!


    I don’t know what we would have done without it because it was the only thing that would get Josh to calm and settle down and somehow got him to sleep. I almost didn’t take it with us on holiday as Josh hasn’t relied on it for quite a few months, but thank goodness I did!!

    For Mummy, well under eye concealer was essential

    I have never worn concealer, but by two night of hardly any sleep I had suitcases under my eyes. I love Maybelline products and this is a bit of a cult classic so I was happy to try it and I can honestly say it’s worked wonders. It’s light and doesn’t sit too obviously under my eyes. I think (hope) it managed to make me look marginally better in my pictures!

    So those are our must haves from a very sleepy week! Hopefully next week I won’t be putting matches as my must have product to hold my eyelids open!!!