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  • Feeling Grateful

    Morning Loves

    So I thought I’d just do a little post today, having read my friend Emily’s latest gratitude list. I love these posts as they really give you a chance to look back over the week and how all those little things that tend to pass us by actually add up to things that are pretty bloody awesome.

    This week has been a bit shit to be honest. That’s for another blog post. The point of this one is for me to write what I am most grateful for over this past week so here goes nothing!

    • Half Term! It’s meant I’ve got to spend some time with some of my Mum friends who are teachers and therefore off work this week, and it’s surprisingly, meant I’ve managed to get a mother and child spot in Tescos on every visit this week!
    • Baby Play Dates and finally getting a photo of Josh with his buddies; it only took so much effort I got a sweat on and bribery in the form of baby biscuits.

    • Josh’s babbling is some of the funniest crap I’ve ever heard. His latest favourite thing to say is “yeah, yeah, yeah” – think Kevin the teenager when he’s being scolded by his Mother!!
    • Nursery! When I woke up on Tuesday still being sick I was beyond grateful that nursery said they could have Josh at a moments notice, and that they’re only 5 minutes down the road!
    • Sainsburys. I also hate Sainsburys – because of them I have no money. But I do have a gorgeous new coral coat from their 25% off sale and a gorgeous new wire notice board – another thing I’ll be doing a post on in the not too distant future.
    • Valentines Day – not for the marketing con that it so often is seen as but cause who doesn’t love an excuse to spread a little love, plus the hubs made me a seafood platter – winning.

    • The day after Valentines – I got the most gorgeous white orchid half price! Thank you post valentines sales!
    • Tamara Ecclestone. Nope I didn’t expect to ever feel grateful for her either seeing as I had no idea who she was a year ago! Now I am full of admiration for her.
    • A friend putting me forward for a blogging opportunity!!
    • Instagram Stories. I bloody love these – yes I chat complete crap but when you’re having one of those days it’s almost like talking to a friend without them being there! You can have a rant and so often you get a lovely supportive comment back.
    • Discovering new blogs – this week I am LOVING The Home That Made Me Charlotte is just fabulous and just looking at her Instagram gives me all the motivation I need to go and clean my house!!! Plus she has a pug – all the goals.
    • Coffee. And Tea. And anything with caffeine in. I don’t know why but I’ve become a total insomniac this past couple of weeks. Typical – Josh starts sleeping through the night, I can’t get to sleep.

    • Josh. Cause he’s just so lush.

    It’s nice to look back on the week with a smile.

    How’s your week been?



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