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  • Happy Blogmas!

    Hi Everyone!


    It’s December! Therefore it’s officially Christmas! Bring on the chocolate, celebrations, baby boys first birthday, reasons to wear sparkles every day, cosy nights in, festive nights out, Christmas jumpers, mince pies, a lot of prosecco, any excuse to wear hats, happiness, family, love! Bring on the last chapter of 2016 – the most life changing, inspiring and utterly happiest year of my life! I am a bundle of Christmas excitement.

    This year I have extra reason to be smiley. I’ve decided to do Blogmas. Blogmas is basically blogging every day until Christmas. A lot of people over on YouTube do “Vlogmas” but given that I am very new to vlogging (and still somewhat terrified about it) I wanted to do the writing version instead.

    Shortly after Josh was born last year I did the 30 day blogging challenge, which had a specific subject every day. But with Blogmas I plan for it to just be like a little diary post for each day. I hope this is OK and everyone enjoys it.

    So today I wanted to have a proper Mummy and Son day with Josh. It might sound a bit daft, but I wanted to make it very much like last December the 1st. A day I spent labouring at home whilst putting up the Christmas tree, and going to the shops. So today I’ve taken Josh to Tesco cause I needed a few bits and pieces and then we came home and put up the Christmas tree together! As you can see, my husband is going to be coming home to Santa’s Grotto!


    It was so lovely to see Josh watching me put the decorations up; he loves fairy lights and all the colours. Yesterday I took him to one of the local garden centres and he was in awe looking at all the lights! It felt really special to do that together and I’m going to make sure it’s our little family tradition going forward.

    And of course we’ve got the added excitement of Josh’s first birthday tomorrow. This evening is being spent wrapping presents ready for him to come downstairs to tomorrow and of course attempting to make his birthday cake! I am a rubbish baker, but I’m going to do my very best.

    It’s been a day full of lovely emotions; gratefulness, happiness, excitement. I am so lucky. I can’t wait to tell you all how Josh’s birthday goes and what lovely presents he’s got.

    I really hope you’re all going to enjoy Blogmas and if you have anything you want to ask, or anything you’d like me to write about please let me know in the comments or via Twitter.




    I can explain Santa!!


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