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  • Happy Fathers Day Hubs

    Morning Everyone,

    And a very happy fathers day to all the Daddy’s out there!

    Obviously I was pregnant on fathers day last year, but I still got Sam a present which consisted of a Star Wars baby gro from our little baby who was growing at the speed of light inside me!

    And now we get to celebrate it properly!

    I love that Josh already has a really special bond with his Dad. I swear all they do is laugh when they’re together; typically Daddy never gets the whinging, poo explosions or crying for no apparent reason. He gets the big smiles and cute giggles. But I don’t mind because when I see them together I count myself so lucky.

    It’s true that one of the most attractive things is seeing a man who is good with his kids. Sam is incredible with Josh; he’s so patient and calm, which I am sure is a reason why Josh is as chilled out as he is. And of course he’s lots of fun, although I am losing patience with him trying to teach Josh to say Yoda in the hope it will be his first word (Sam is such a Star Wars geek)!

    I am so grateful to Sam for how much he supported me especially in those tough early days of motherhood. He constantly told me I was a good Mum, what a good job I was doing and he really gave me confidence in myself. It’s wonderful now that we are both really relaxed as parents, we are enjoying it and when we have times that a bit testing we support each other and deal with it.

    As a woman, when you are pregnant and of course when you’re giving birth, it is all about you and your baby. You are the mummy to be, the one everyone looks after as you wait for the baby to make his or her appearance. Sometime the poor Daddy is overlooked. And that moment you become a Dad, in some respects, is the most magical part of the process. I remember having my C Section lying there exhausted, and really struggling to take anything in. But the one thing I do remember is when the baby was lifted out of me, and shown to Sam who said “Honey we’ve got a boy”. I will never forget the crack in his voice, the absolute happiness and elation I could sense radiating from him, even in my drug fuelled haze. Because that was the moment – that was the moment he became a Daddy. And that was the moment it was all about him and his son, and it was gorgeous.


    So hubs, I hope you enjoy your first fathers day. I am so proud to say you are not just my husband but also the father of my child. You do so much for us, and we are so lucky to have you. I can’t wait to see how Josh grows up and becomes a little version of you; all chilled out, positive and full of daft ideas. God knows what I’ll come home to as he gets older but I already have visions of my lounge being turned into a mammoth Scalextric track, or a Star Wars Lego display, or the worlds largest den!! But I know Josh will have such a happy and fun filled upbringing. I never thought I’d say this, given how hard I found the first few weeks after Josh arrived, but I can’t wait to expand our family one day. I know we have so much fun ahead of us. Of course there will be tough times too but as Mum and Dad, we’ll get through it together, as a little team! And I’m so glad you’re my co-captain!

    Happy Fathers Day my amazing husband <3



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