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  • Hello June

    Hi Guys!

    I love marking a new month; you don’t know what’s to come and you have lots to look forward to. But I also think it’s important to look back on the previous month with gratitude.  I’ve done gratitude lists before and I love the positive feeling they leave me with. I must give credit to my lovely friend Emily over at My Petit Canard for inspiring me with these her own regular gratitude lists; be sure to give her blog a read.

    I can’t start this post without acknowledging the horrendous Manchester attacks last month. It was such a horribly sad time; I remember on the Tuesday evening (the day after the attacks) I sang the “Goodnight” song off cBeebies  to Josh before bed, something I do every night. But that night I cried as I did it. Having to sing “it’s the end of a lovely day” to that innocent, unknowing face wasn’t particularly easy when it had actually been an unimaginably cruel day.  One thing that was amazing to see in the midst of such a cruel and dark time was the unity of Manchester, and of the UK. So many people came together to support one another; the Muslim man who put himself out there blindfolded asking the public for hugs, and getting so many, was something that moved me to tears (check out the footage here – in fact I’ve just watched it again and am crying once more ). The response of the emergency services to what must have an unimaginable scene of horror is something to be truly admired. As a country, we are lucky we have the strength to pull together at such devastation. It’s hard to know what else to say about such a situation; there are few words to comprehend what has happened.

    So, moving on, what else am I grateful for…..

    • Most importantly, my little 18 month old! OMG HOW is he 18 months already!!!

    “Hmmmm, now what food shall I launch at Mummy today”!

    helping down on the farm!

    A very smiley little boy!

    I’ve already written his 18 month update so I won’t drone on too much. But I am VERY proud of him and I love him to bits!

    • The Weather! The sunshine has been glorious the last few weeks! Josh and I go out for a walk every day, and he loves going out on his trike now; a bit more exciting than his buggy! And of course we’ve gone to the beach to appreciate the sunshine even more, several times. I remember as a kid I used to dream of living near the sea so now it’s such a treat!

    Beautiful Southwold!

    Sun’s out, Legs out!

    • Instagram Stories! I am still loving these, and I love the connection it gives me to other bloggers and readers. One of my dear blogging buddies messaged me today saying she loves my stories because they make her feel as though she’s known me forever! I do just ramble on a load of old rubbish but it’s fun!
    • Primark! Oh the glorious sundresses! I got some lovely little bargains at the weekend.

    Good work Primark!

    • Centre Parcs; just one week before we go away for a long weekend with our friends and their little girl who is just a couple of months older than Josh. I can’t wait to pass the kids over to the Dad’s for an afternoon and have some chill time, ideally in the spa!
    • SO MUCH to look forward to! We have another long weekend away at the end of June with a group of friends and several little ones in Dorset, a big family holiday (again in Dorset) in July, and we are finally putting the wheels in motion to have our first family holiday abroad in September in Sardinia!
    • Blogging plans….. including a little bloggers retreat that myself and a couple of my gorgeous blogging friends are concocting…. watch this space.
    • Caramel Magnums. Because they are epic. Especially the double caramel ones!
    • Flowers! It’s peonies season and who doesn’t love them!!!

    So Pretty

    I am really looking forward to June. I have a feeling next months gratitude list is going to be a long one!

    Have a lovely June everyone.

    Lots of Love




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