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  • Pregnancy Must Haves!!

    There are some products there is no way I could have been without throughout this pregnancy!  Here’s my guide to what every mum to be should have to hand to make the tough days a little bit easier.

    Bio Oil: This stuff is an absolute god send!  Literally since the day I found out I was pregnant I’ve put this on my bump and boobs every evening.  And so far it’s had the desired effect and I’ve not suffered any stretch marks. It’s also a lovely way to bond with bump especially now that I can feel the baby moving.  There are some other oils out there that are amazing and I also treated myself to the Sanctuary Mum to Be Stretch Mark oil which has been so luxurious!  Whether these oils are working or it’s just a coincidence I don’t know, but I can’t recommend them enough. Bio Oil is at a great price on Amazon:

    Dream Genii Pregnancy Pillow:  I bought this around month three of my pregnancy.  I was a bit reluctant at first cause of the price, but none of the other pillows looked that great and I figured if I use it as an additional support when I breast feed that’s an added bonus.  Turns out to be the best money I could have spent!  I absolutely love it!!  I love how it wraps around you and has a small back support and it is so comfortable.  I’ve also found it really helps me with making sure I stay sleeping on my left hand side, as advised by doctors.   The other way it’s helped me is with the restless leg predicament!  I have suffered from that since the very early days of my pregnancy and this does relieve it – I think it’s because you have the pillow between your knees it reduces pressure.  If you’re keen to get a pregnancy pillow, I think this is a great investment. I got mine on Amazon, thanks to the fantastic reviews here:

    Pregnancy Books

    I’ve been reading so may pregnancy books throughout this pregnancy but I must say I have found two that have been absolute stand outs!

    The first one is Pregnancy 2015 – this book is brilliant because it is bang up to date on midwife advice, UK legislation (handy for maternity leave and pay) and NHS guidelines in pregnancy.  Some other books I’ve read have been great but are not as up to date as this and I think this offers some valuable reassurance for us pregnant ladies:

    The other thing I noticed with the many (!) books I’ve read is that most of them advise you on a week by week basis.  Although this is perfect during pregnancy, being the impatient person that I am, I was delighted to find one that offers a daily update!  This is brilliant as every day you can look forward to reading a little update and sharing it with your partner.  Personally I found this particularly reassuring in the first trimester when you can’t talk to anyone about it but are still so excited at the little life forming inside you

    On top of all these recommendations, I also have a lot of beauty must haves to see you through your pregnancy – if you don’t deserve a pamper now I don’t know when you do!!  But I will blog this in a separate post for you all.

    I hope these little tips helped – if so please give the article a like below.

    Thanks for reading x

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