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  • Let’s Have An Optimistic Week

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    Hi Everyone,

    And Happy Monday! Is there even such a thing as a happy Monday… well yes there is if you are an optimist!

    Now I admit, I’ve been guilty in the past of being pessimistic at times. I have a tendency to think the worst rather than looking on the bright side. For example, when I had that sickness bug last week I was adamant that poor hubby and baby were going to get it to, that it was the end of the world and that was that. Sam laughed at me when I started ranting that it was an utter disaster and said “for someone so positive, you can be such a pessimist”. And for the record he was right as he and the baby avoided the hideous bug.

    But I felt a bit disappointed in myself when he said this, cause I am a really positive and generally optimistic person. I always try to project positivity to those around me. And it made me realise that it’s no good being positive just now and then; it’s something I should relish in being all the time.

    Life really is incredibly short and we shouldn’t waste it worrying, almost waiting for things to go wrong. I remember I suffered a lot with bad dreams when I was a kid so my Mum took to saying “Only good dreams” before I went to sleep. And it’s something that has stuck with me, and is something I now take on everyday, not just in dreams but in reality! Overloading your brain with negative what ifs, and the fear something could go wrong, is such a waste of energy. We need to make sure we look for the good in every day, see the positive in people and be grateful for what we have.

    And you know that saying “if you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face and you will always look lovely”. And it’s so true, what would you rather, frown lines or laughter lines!

    So get your happy on ladies (and men!) it’s a sunny day,and who knows what possibilities the week has ahead for you. To me that’s very exciting and positive!

    Happy Hugs xx

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