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  • Life Lessons – Things I learnt in 2015

    best year ever

    Hi Everyone,

    Wow I can’t believe we are at the end of 2015! It feels as though this year has absolutely flown by. I remember how I felt this time last year, reflecting a lot and having learnt a lot of lessons. I remember thinking that 2014 was a very long year cause it was a bit of a hard slog for me. But 2015 has flown by and has been the most amazing and life changing year ever for me. And I’ve learnt more than ever (including how to exist on 4 hours sleep a night and allowing maternity leggings to be your best friend, even after you’ve given birth)! Here’s some of the lessons I’ve truly learnt this year.

    Patience truly pays off 


    I am not a patient person at all. In fact I am quite famed amongst friends for my impatience; I have none! I get road rage in the car and I am not one of these patient people who can wait till christmas or birthday for something they really want – I buy it there and then! So you can imagine how impatient I was when trying to get pregnant. There were times I thought we’d never get there and ironically the day before we got my positive pregnancy test we had a letter from a fertility doctor confirming an appointment as we’d felt that was the next practical step. But patience paid off obviously! I think it taught me a lesson as I like to think I am a little less impatient now – it’s so true that if there is something you really want, and you are determined person, you can make it happen. Good things really do come to those who wait.


    Surround Yourself With Positive People Who Really Matter 

    surround yourself

    I am so lucky to be surrounded by the amazing people I have in my life. Being surrounded and supported by people who are positive is so important. My family and friends are absolutely amazing and I don’t think my friends really realise how much they’ve done for me in terms of supporting me, looking after me and listening to me when I’ve gone to them for advice. It is so important to have positive influences in your life. I encourage all of you to take stock of who is in your life that really matters and show them how valued they are – who support you no matter what and make you happy just because they are in your life. Life is very short – tell those that you love, that you love them every day.

    Don’t Compare and Compete


    With social media the way it is today, it is so easy for us girls to compare ourselves to other and be drawn into unspoken competitiveness. This can be in so many ways; looks, figures, careers, wardrobes, relationships, parenting. It is something I think we are all guilty of but something we should stop. First of all it is so unhealthy to compare yourself to others; yes maybe their Instagram is full of perfect happy family photos with a smiling baby and a mum who has somehow regained her figure at the drop of the hat. It doesn’t mean it’s come easily to them – they probably took that photo 34 times to get the kid to smile and the Mum will most likely be wearing some major spanx! Things aren’t always as they seem and rather than feel envious of others seemingly perfect lives, draw inspiration from it and also look at the bigger picture. Maybe your friend looks as though life is all going swimmingly for them but often you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors and getting someone talking can open the floodgates in a most welcome way and give you the opportunity to offer support to someone you never imagined needed it.

    I also think in terms of image and looks us girls need to be complimenting each other not holding resentment and jealousy for how others look. Carrying around such emotions just invokes bad vibes. Instead compliment each other, ask her where that lovely top is from and use your admiration for each other to encourage you to try new styles!

    Life Is Very Very Short 

    life is short

    There have been some cruel instances this year which have truly made me realise how short life is. It can so quickly and abruptly be pulled away from you or completely change in moments. We spend so much time worrying about really quite insignificant crap. Sometimes when I’m having a bad night with the baby I remind myself how bloody lucky I am – yes I might be wide awake and so tired I am crying into the lucozade I’m slugging back but I’m alive, I’m healthy, I have a roof over my head and I am surrounded by people who love me. Some tragic things have happened this year both privately and those incidents we’ve seen in the media and it really does make you value life. Make the most of every moment. If you want that new handbag, buy it, if you wish you had the guts to tell that guy or girl you love them , do it cause you don’t know if you won’t get another chance, if you want to go on that amazing holiday to the Maldives, do it! You can’t take it with you – make the most of every moment and enjoy it! And be sure to find a reason to smile every day!

    It’s The Little Things That Make A Difference 

    be kind

    One thing I’ve really noticed this year is that you can do little things that really make peoples day. A card in the post, a phone call to your Auntie, having a chat with the lady on the checkout at Tesco rather than ignoring her, letting someone out at a junction even when you’re in a rush. I believe in karma and you attract what you put out there. If you give out positivity and happiness I’ve no doubt you’ll get it back. And it costs nothing to be kind and is one of the most decent and valued assets a person can have.

    So those are a few life lessons I’ve learnt this year. I feel so blessed to have had an amazing 2015. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store!

    Happy New Year and thank you for all your follows, comments and support




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    1. January 2, 2016 / 9:14 pm

      I have just acquired some maternity leggings so I’m pleased to hear that they’ll be useful beyond this pregnancy! I absolutely agree with what you’ve said about kindness, it really does cost nothing and it makes me feel better about myself too, so you even get something back! #justanotherlinky

    2. January 8, 2016 / 11:22 am

      Oh….such lovely quotes. I loved this post! What you have written really resonates with me. I also need to be more patient this year! You can’t rush baking a good cake, so that would go for the other good things in life. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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