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  • Mama Mio – My Pregnancy Savior

    When I found out I was pregnant I was immediately excited for some pregnancy pampering. Much needed. I was so lucky with my first pregnancy that I avoided the dreaded stretch marks and I can only put this down to seriously looking after my skin.

    As I’ve already said, any excuse for a pamper and my favourite skin care range during pregnancy has got to be Mama Mio. So what better way to celebrate my pregnancy than with a bit of a haul!

    My timing couldn’t have been better as Mama Mio has just released a new limited edition Tummy Rub butter. It is scented with Ginger and Lime and is quite simply glorious! The scent is so uplifting and it’s perfect for those of us suffering with morning sickness. The use of the ginger scent has been inspired by the time tested use of ginger to ease morning sickness and I have to say I find it so soothing and I swear it makes a difference!

    A couple of absolute handbag essentials include the AMAZING Way to Glow. This is a soothing and cooling facial mist and it is incredible; I honestly don’t know how I’d have got through some of these hot and muggy days without it. It has the amazing scent of gravida and clever endorphin releasing actives keep you cool, calm and prevent that horrible overwhelming feeling when you’re just too hot. On top of these benefits the mist contains botanical infusions that calm and brighten skin, along with anti-inflammatory actives that work to decrease the feeling of irritation.

    My other handbag essential has been the Mama Mio Superstar in a Jar. This little gem is an all in one multi-functional super balm that moisturises, heals, and protects dry and cracked skin. It is genius and I’ve used it on my lips, cuticles, and to tame my eyebrows when out and about. It can be used to soothe dry patches too – it’s such a clever little product and takes up no space at all in your overcrowded changing bag yet manages to help in so many ways.

    Now on to my absolute favourite – the pregnancy savious kit. This little box is haven of pregnancy goodies. It is full of gorgeous products to keep you glowing through your 9 months of baby carrying and it also makes the perfect gift.

    Included are some of Mama Mios bestselling products including their famous Tummy Rub Butter. This is the same formula as the previously mentioned Lime and Ginger Tummy Rub Butter but is their original Shea Butter base. I love this body butter – it’s so thick and luxurious. The butter is primarily designed for one thing; increasing skin elasticity. As we grow these gorgeous babies our skin is going to grow and stretch and ten once they arrive it’s going to shrink. Your skin faces a bit of a battle so it’s a perfect opportunity to indulge. The continued use of this is highly recommended but that won’t be a problem once you start using it as it’s so lovely and you’ll feel so good after using it.

    My stand out product in the pregnancy essentials box is the Cooling Leg Gel. I am only just into my second trimester and already I have no idea how I would have coped without this. I’ve had a condition that’s caused some of the veins in my leg to harden, creating unsightly little bumps and horrendous swelling in my ankles. I started to use this every day and my goodness, it has saved me. Although I am likely to suffer with the condition throughout my pregnancy, the swelling has reduced and I honestly thank this wonderful product for giving me some comfort. Some mornings I’ve woke up crying cause my legs and ankles have ached so much but the active ingredients in the gel, which include Ginger Root, Organic Coconut Oil and Arnica Montana Flower Extract, have instantly given me relief and the cooling effect is such a godsend.

    So what else can you pamper yourself with in this little box of delights? The Pregnancy Boob Tube Bust Cream is another massively popular product from Mama Mio. This cream protects and soothes pregnant and new mama boobs (because let’s face it, they go through a lot of ups and downs)! Rich in organic Omega oils, it helps hydrate and elasticise to strengthen skin during cup size changes, and for when your little one arrives, the ingredient of Green Cabbage Leaf extract helps with engorgement; something no mama wants to deal with. I love that the tag line for this product is “Aim North, Not South”! Brilliant.

    Finally, in keeping with the pampering and relaxation of these products, is the Liquid Yoga Space Spray. I actually discovered this product through a friend so I was thrilled to find it included in the pregnancy kit.  This spray has a relaxing aromacological scent to help de-stress and calm you. Let’s face it pregnancy can be a stressful time, but a little spritz of this, feet up and you’ll feel rebalanced and happy. I love it! Anything for a  bit of Zen.

    So as you can probably tell, I cannot recommend Mama Mio products enough. I am only a third of the way into my pregnancy and I am dedicated to using them every day already.  You can pick these, and many more perfect products for pregnancy and beyond, on the website here and at Net-A-Porter, Look Fantastic, and JoJo MamanBebe. I am already off to buy the Push Pack for when I go into hospital! Go on – treat yourself!




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