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  • Monday Motivation – Back To It!

    Happy Monday Everyone!

    I am back from my week away and feeling refreshed and positive.

    Well sort of refreshed…. as you’ll read in my holiday diary post this week, a certain naughty baby did his best to keep me up all night every night whilst we were away……!

    But never mind, we still had a lovely holiday and made some amazing memories and for that I am so grateful.


    It can be so hard to do, being positive. When you’re down to your third night of surviving on just three or four hours sleep, it can feel impossible to be positive, to feel happy. But one thing I’ve learnt over the last few years is that you do have to choose happiness. Even if it is one of those horrible days where you have to summon every ounce of strength to be positive, it really does help. If I hadn’t had that mind-set on holiday, it could have really had a negative impact on the whole week. I was ratty, bad tempered, tired and emotional. But being with my loved ones, in a beautiful place, getting lots of fresh air really lifted my spirits. And it’s true what they say; if you smile even if you don’t want to, it can make you feel better. And having that sort of mind-set really helped me enjoy my holiday even in my sleep deprived state.

    Now that we’re back home, I do feel like I’ve had a good break away from the day to day grind, with a clear head and ready to roll on my blog. I’ve got lots of things coming up to look forward to (hello Blogfest) and I have so many plans and ideas for Beauty, Baby and Me! I am determined to make a success of my blog, and make it something people look forward to reading. Only I can do this though. And having a somewhat (!) refreshed mind, motivation and determination, I’ll be making that happen! The following quote sums up exactly why I love to write; astonishingly I’ve actually had someone say to me that my writing and my blog inspires them! How bloody amazing is that!! Little old me, inspiring someone. And that just pushes me to do them, and myself, proud by continuing to write and putting my all in to it. And that is something I really do; I give my writing 100%. I never publish anything that is half arsed, I wouldn’t disrespect my readers and myself by doing that. My blog means so much to me and if I can keep producing something that gets that sort of reaction then I’m not doing too badly!!


    So I hope my writing continues to put a smile on peoples faces and remember this week, whatever you do might well be inspiring someone without you even realising.

    Lots of Love



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