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  • Monday Motivation – A Well Earned Break

    mmAnnnnnnddddd relax!

    Morning lovelies!

    It’s another manic Monday but for me it’s holiday o clock! Today we’re off to the Peak District, as I told you all in yesterday blog, and I can’t friggin wait!

    It’s been a busy old time with my beloved blog; going self hosted, writing most days, and doing all this with a naughty but adorable munchkin in tow! In fact it’s been a busy old year. And I am wrecked! I’m absolutely fucking shattered (I’m sorry, I do swear a lot – but I am creating quite frankly hilarious alternative “bad words” in front of Josh now so I’m making the most of being able to swear on here)!! And therefore I am in need of a lovely break.

    I think having some time off from your work, or just general chaos in your life, is an opportunity to reflect. I’ve felt recently things are happening with Beauty Baby and Me….. I can’t be specific, I can’t say exactly what, but it’s a good feeling and I feel like things are starting to happen.  I don’t know how it comes across on my blog, perhaps it seems like it’s just a bit of writing but I have to say, I work so so so hard on this blog. It’s so important to me, I want it to be something everyone enjoys reading, something that I can be proud of and that those in my life can be proud of me for. And recently I’ve worked harder than ever on it. Not an easy feat when you have a mischievous munckin trying to “help” when you’re frantically trying to blog either first thing in the morning or when baby has finally gone to bed and I have to power through in some gin fuelled over tired haze! Maybe half the time I chat shit, but you guys seem to like it so I’m going to stick at it!

    mm3So my week off aside, I will continue to work hard on my blog and see what happens. There’s no rush, Beauty Baby and Me isn’t going anywhere, and I will work my tiny socks off to ensure it’s a success! If anyone had said to me two years ago I’d be where I am now, I don’t think I’d have believed them. I wouldn’t have believed I could get so lucky! And yet here I am. Very Happy Days!

    Love you all and have a good week; I’ll be attempting ( don’t laugh) to put a vlog together of our trip once I am back. xxx


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