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  • Monday Must Haves – It’s getting chilly!!


    Hi Everyone,

    We’re well into Autumn now and it’s getting pretty chilly!  I am loving the beautiful sunsets we’ve been treated to though and of course the gorgeous colours of the trees!

    With it being the start to another week, here are a few Monday must haves that should see you through the week.

    Snuggle Up! 

    snuggle up

    Now that those chilly nights are upon us there is no better excuse for snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa (well that’s if the cat doesn’t beat you too it)!!!

    Autumn Sunsets

    There have been some beautiful sunsets this past week and a lot of my friends have posted some gorgeous pictures on facebook of these!  Although it’s now getting to the time of year where it is getting dark as you leave work, at least you are getting to see some beautiful sunsets on the way home.


    A good read

    One of the most lovely things about a chilly autumnal afternoon is curling up with a good book! I love reading, always have and although I’ve been reading a lot of pregnancy and baby books, I’ve used my maternity leave as an excuse to re-read the Harry Potter series!  I love these books, even if I am 31 and sometimes it’s nice to switch off and not read about labour, birth, and baby poo!!!

    Harry-Potter HP1

    Cosy baby clothes:

    As you’ll know from previous posts, autumn fashion is my absolute favourite! But seeing as I shop more for my unborn child now, rather than myself, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the gorgeous snowsuits for babies!  Mine already has had one bought for him/her and it is so cosy and soft I just keep cuddling it! Do be warned mummies, these do keep baby toasty so best not to keep on baby in the car as it can become to hot for him/her.  Save for those chilly autumn and winter walks!


    Mum needs to be cosy too! 

    Of course us girls need to be cosy too!!!  There are too many autumn and winter fashions for me to list that I love!  Here’s a few outfit inspirations that I love!

    autumn fashion 2 autumn fashion 3 autumn fashion 4

    Because everyone needs a unicorn cat 

    I am sure my cat would look as happy as this one if I dressed her up as a unicorn…. which is more than likely I will!!! Everyone loves Halloween dressing up!

    Unicorn cat

    Have a good week everyone! Wrap up warm 🙂


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    1. October 30, 2017 / 7:48 am

      Great article for the winter season.Thank for sharing.

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