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  • Monday Must Haves – Birthday Wish List!

    Hi Everyone!

    Happy Monday.  As always here are a few pretty little favourites to see you through this week and with my birthday fast approaching it’s got a wishlist theme!  A girl can dream 😉

    Any Excuse for Cake 

    carrott cake

    Of course I have been using pregnancy as a great excuse to eat cake!  So a birthday is pretty much double the reason to indulge! I have to say carrot cake is my absolute favourite and it’s really popular at this time of year. Treat yourself as a midweek treat, or go crazy and have a go at making one! I’m going to be attempting one with the help of my bread making machine before baby arrives.

    Baby Changing Bag Excitement! 


    This is going to be one of my actual birthday presents and I can’t wait to get it!  It has taken me ages to pick a baby changing bag but I saw this one and fell in love with it! Spacious, and chic, it doesn’t have the tacky look some other baby changing bags have and it has tonnes of storage space and pockets.  I am so looking forward to getting my hands on this and of course, filling it up with every thing the baby and I will need.

    Autumn Birthday’s = Cosy Gifts

    One of the things I love about my birthday being at this time of year is that all the cosy gifts are in the shops ready for Christmas so I am usually lucky and get some gorgeous cosy comforts. I am sure this year I’ll love these even more as I attempt to stay cosy and comfortable in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  And lets face it, the commute to and from work is getting chiller so what better excuse to cosy up when you get home! These goodies are all from the wonder that is New Look (www.newlook.co.uk)


    Splash out on AfternoonTea and a catch up with your girls


    One of the things I am most looking forward to for my birthday for this year is going out for afternoon tea! I’ve not done this before and it looks like such a treat so I am really excited. Of course I’d normally be treating myself to a glass of bubbly with this but this year it’ll be all about the (decaf) tea and cake!  I think afternoon tea is such a lovely idea and a great way to spend a few hours with your girlfriends having a catch up. There’s always loads of deals on Groupon and other websites so if the thought of a long miserable work week is getting you down, plan and book an afternoon tea to look forward to!

    Bags, Bags, Bags! 

    Now obviously I will be getting my gorgeous baby changing bag, as mentioned above. But I still feel the need (OK, desire,not need) for a gorgeous new handbag! And I think all us girls are handbag lovers. My favourite shop in the world, New Look, does the most amazing and affordable range of bags so don’t feel bad about treating yourself; it’ll give you an excuse to feel happy about going to work, to show off your new bag!  Here are my two favourites:

    a3363acd4e649c2f7ab7ebcf8cff4b02 e25196305bc26defe09fe615d11c1d7f

    A girl can dream….

    Well I’ve been nagging my poor husband for 10 years now, that it’s really quite important I get a pug for my birthday/christmas/anniversary! Still no luck, but a girl can dream and I guarantee this little guy will put a smile on your face on this miserable Monday


    That’s it for this Monday. Follow my advice; wrap up warm, go handbag shopping, eat cake and book in an afternoon tea with your girls. It’s bound to make your working week seem a little less painful!

    Have a good week xx

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