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  • Our 2016

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I’ve had a few days off from blogging over the festive season and it’s been much needed, but now I am ready to get back at it!

    As you can see we had a lovely Christmas, lots of time with family and friends. And it got me thinking of how I want Josh to have some Christmas traditions to grow up with. This year he was still too young to really understand but next year he’ll know what’s going and I want to share the magical excitement with him.

    Josh got absolutely spoilt rotten too! He got so many amazing gifts that at 6am this morning I was frantically looking for toy boxs online! If anyone can recommend some nice ones that don’t break the bank that’d be great.

    So, this time last year I wrote a post about our year in 2015 and I got so many lovely messages and comments so I thought I’d do the same for 2016! Although this time of year is a bit lost – no one seems to know their arse from their elbow between Christmas and New Year, it’s actually the perfect opportunity for some down time to reflect on what you’ve learnt this year and what you are hoping for in the new year to come.

    I have to say I’ve learnt A LOT this year….

    • It is entirely possible to physically exist on 4 hours sleep. However, mentally you’ll go absolutely gaga! Sleep deprivation is hell.
    • Tea is everything. Closely followed by prosecco!
    • Always have a back up outfit – sometimes God has days where he finds it exceptionally funny to have your dress strap break in the middle of a mall thus exposing your boob to the world, or have your child shit all over you at the family farm park which leads me to my next point
    • Never wear white if you’re having a day out with a baby
    • Don’t judge people – every Mother is secretly fighting a battle of trying not to lose the plot no matter how well put together she looks. However feel free to judge anyone who parks in a parent and child space and doesn’t have kid – dickheads!
    • If you’re having a baby BUY A JUMPEROO!
    • Mummy Friends are everything! Brave the classes, talk to strangers about your babies poo – these friends are the ones who will be there at 3am when you feel like you’re the only person awake in the night having a complete meltdown. They become your lifelines.
    • TRUST YOUR INSTICTS! You’re the Mummy – you know your baby best. Listen to others advice, take it on board, but always follow your gut instinct.
    • Calpol and Wine…. everything will be fine
    • Some days it’s entirely acceptable to call your husband horrific things in the midst of a sleep deprived fight, over something you can’t even remember, only just to end up being in floods of tears because you realise what a bitch you’re being, then crying even more when he’s dumb enough to agree it’s your fault cause you’re a hormonal nightmare. Dick.
    • The one time you leave the house with the baby, without a scrap of make up on – not even mascara – and your hair twisted up on top of your head looking like something a car regurgitated, telling yourself you won’t see anyone you know….. you will bump into EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER MET! That includes ex boyfriends, bitches from school and your nosy neighbours!
    • Gin is often a good idea.

    As for the New Year Aims (not resolutions – see below) this pretty much sums it up; get back in the bikini (until I get pregnant again!), be kind, adopt a more relaxing and stress free way of life, stop comparing myself to other Mums and be happy every day!

    Get back in the bikini, smile lots, be kind!

    Ok, Ok I’ll be (a bit more) serious now!


    For me personally, I can’t imagine a time you learn more about yourself than the first year of Motherhood! Even last year when I had just had Josh I was only at the beginning of learning about being a Mum. And it turns out I had a lot to learn. I got through those testing first few weeks, where I had nights I’d sob my eyes out cause I was so exhausted I couldn’t function.  And I feel really proud of myself, of the mother I’ve become.  I’ve learnt to deal with many things and I’ve done so whilst bringing up a happy child. He’s a mischeveous little chunker and it’s so exciting seeing him every day develop. He’s starting to walk, talk, communicate, and his little personality is beginning to shine through. Every day I’m excited to get up and see him because I don’t know what he’s going to surprise us with next. I realise that often these milestones are only important to me, as his Mum (and his Dad of course) and I try not to bore people with my excitement but it is amazing to share what he’s been getting up to! Becoming a mother has been the biggest eye opener in the world to me . It is no where near as easy as I thought it might be. It is hard work, demanding, life changing and exhausting. It is also the most beautiful, rewarding and special thing imaginable and I cherish every moment – good and bad. Josh is constantly changing and growing and in turn I feel like I am also growing, as  a mother and a woman. It’s our little journey (sorry I know people hate that term) and I am so grateful for it.


    I guess this is kind of linked to motherhood, but I really feel as though 2016 has been the making of me. I’ve become a stronger person, a more positive person. I have more faith in myself; I can handle the random, unexpected and often challenging moments that motherhood throws at you. It’s been two years since I went through a difficult time and I’ve since come out the other side happier than ever. Of course there are still some days things seem a little overwhelming, or I may be a bit withdrawn, but not only am I strong enough now to pick myself up and encourage myself, but I also have Josh. If anything is going to cheer you up, it’s got to be that little face. Because now it’s no longer just about me. I have to be there for him and he truly makes me a stronger, happier person. The best version of me that I can be. I am so grateful for that.


    Last year, particularly the second half of the year, I had it in my head I was going to make more of a success of my blog. I wanted to make a living from it. I participated in courses to try and “better myself” and my blogging. But whilst doing this, I could feel a dreaded anxiety. I wasn’t getting the offers of sponsored posts, or making a salary like many other bloggers I read about. I felt like I was failing. Then I thought NO! This is MY blog, and it’s something I love. It’s an outlet for me; writing is something I love to do and I don’t want that being spoilt with pressure that I don’t need to put on myself. So I went back to blogging how it comes naturally to me; just writing when I want to, about whatever is playing on my mind. And it seems to be paying off because I am so blessed with the amount of supportive comments and those really mean the world to me. I may not be making a living from it but I’m happy, I’m proud of it, and I get treated to the occasional freebie. So it’s safe to say, I’m pretty bloody happy with Beauty Baby and Me. And I’m very excited about getting into vlogging in the new year. I’ve been doing more Instagram Stories as a sort of practise and it’s been boosting my confidence a bit so I’m determined to start this new chapter into the new year.


    Even though this is often quite a confusing time of year; having absolutely no idea what day it is and convincing yourself leftover chocolate orange for breakfast is completely acceptable, I actually love the prospect of New Year. It’s a time to set yourself goals for the next year. I don’t really like the term resolution, because we so often associate it with something we might fail at and in turn, feel guilty about. And to me, we shouldn’t go into the new year putting pressure on ourselves to succeed at going to the gym every other day but instead go into the new year with an open mind, good intentions and a kind heart. Don’t set unrealistic expectations that you will feel bad about if you don’t succeed, just be a good person. Be kind. Look after yourself and those around you. These things are so much more important.

    I am excited for 2017. I have no idea what the year may hold. I would very much like it to include Bump #2, but given how long it took to conceive Josh, I have far more understanding that you can only plan these things so much. It’s a very exciting prospect though.

    I have lots of plans for 2017; I have a PA job now which I think is going to really kick off in the New Year so, in turn, I am going to be looking to put Josh in nursery for a couple of mornings a week. I think he’ll really enjoy the social side of it, and I can manage to book flights and organise people without a toddler crawling all over me! And of course I will be continuing to blog, as I’ve already said I’m doing it my way, and I’m loving it. I also have plans to write a book… I’ve even thought of the title…. watch this space.

    Most of all, I want to remain the positive person I am in 2017. It can be hard sometimes to be positive; you see so many shitty things on the news that are happening in the world and it makes you lose faith. But I have always been an optimistic girl – I try to see the best in things and do all I can to be a good person and a good friend. I just want to keep that mentality. Not a resolution as such, more of a promise to friends and family that I will always be here for them, I’ll always support them.

    And I also wanted to say thank you to you, reading this. If you’ve taken the time this year to read my blog, you’ll never know how much that means. If I manage to make you smile or remind you you’re not on your own – Team Mamas are all in this chaos together, then I must be doing something right. It makes me really happy!

    So who knows what the new year holds but lets have a good one! Clink that champagne!

    Happy New Year Beauts!

    Lots of Love




    1. December 30, 2016 / 11:16 am

      Ahh what a year!! I love your plans for 2017 and your attitude to life in general. You are an amazing mummy, a talented writer and a fabulous friend, I’m sure you can achieve anything and everything, plus I’m positive that you already look amazing in a bikini – grrrr!!! Thank you for being you, happy new year my lovely friend. Xxx
      Five Little Doves recently posted…Top tips for saving money this Christmas!My Profile

    2. December 30, 2016 / 1:49 pm

      Oh Fi, I LOVE this! Such a great post looking back and looking forward. I’ve loved reading your blog over the last year (when I get a chance to!), you write so honestly and from the heart. Being vulnerable in front of others is so brave and I really admire you for it. Keep doing what you’re doing as it’s a pleasure to read 🙂 2017 sounds very exciting, fingers crossed for some lovely bump news for you, who knows what the year will bring! And can I just say how amazing your bikini body is/was! Emily x

    3. December 30, 2016 / 7:32 pm

      Fabulous as always xxx

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