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  • Pregnancy Update – Second Trimester; Insomnia, Headaches and Baby Kicks!

    As I write this, I am halfway through my pregnancy. I am so happy and excited. I was so terrified this wouldn’t happen for me again but as I sit here with bump practically resting on the keyboard (my bump is so big time this around) I can’t put into words how grateful I am.

    Everyone always said how quickly the second pregnancy goes and they were right. Well, apart from the first few weeks which seemed to drag like crazy, mainly because I was itching to tell everyone I was pregnant again. But now it is flying and I can’t believe I am halfway. On Monday we have our 20 week scan (no we’re not finding out what we’re having), and in the next few weeks I should get my date for my elective C- Section (something I’ll write a separate post on). It is all becoming so real. Today the new buggy arrived and the buzz of excitement I felt had me practically dancing round the house whilst Josh looked at me like I’m so sort of headcase!

    Halfway There!

    The sickness has subsided a bit; in fact for our babymoon it all but disappeared bar a couple of moments of dry heaving. Sadly this week it has reared its ugly head again, although not every single day like before. I have days when I am fine and I have days where I am sick four or five times. I feel I shouldn’t complain though; I am so lucky to be in this position again and I have it easy compared to those who suffer with hyperemesis gravidarum. It’s a case of just getting on with it for now. I’ve had a few horrible headaches, which I remember I got a lot last time in the second trimester so keeping hydrated is key.

    One thing that is driving me somewhat bananas is insomnia. Pregnancy of course makes you tired. Tiredness with a toddler is vile. And pregnancy tiredness is a whole different ball game to regular tiredness. So why is it that when you just want to sleep you can’t! I don’t tend to have too much trouble getting to sleep when I first go to bed at night and I swear the products and routine I have, which I’ll go through shortly, help a huge amount. But if I wake up for one of the 15 wee’s I need in the night, that’s when I struggle to go back to sleep. My mind starts thinking; thinking about things that need doing, how we’ll cope with two, how Josh will react, and then I am off on a mind wondering abyss contemplating if I should just get up and defrost the freezer! It’s ridiculous!

    I am actually in the process of finding some hypnobirthing apps specifically for those having Cesarean Sections and I think listening to the in the night will help. That and learning to relax a bit, to switch off.  Easier said than done right!

    Bedtime Routine 

    Yes, a bedtime routine is not just for little ones you know! I’ve found doing a few things before bed really help.

    A warm bubble bath is always a winner. I’ve been indulging in some goodies from Lush (I think I have some sort of addiction) that release essential oils that help with sleep. The lady in the Bath store helped me find things specifically for helping aid sleep (*one good thing to note that she told me, if you’re pregnant, avoid their Sex Bomb Bath Bomb – it contains Jasmin which has been known to trigger labour, so unless you’re 40 weeks+ and ready to get that baba out, give it a miss*) and I love having a bath and listening to podcasts or reading a book before bed. I do tend to do this literally before bed – I don’t go back downstairs and watch TV or anything, I go straight to bed.

    A couple of bedtime products I use are a Lavender Pillow Spray and, again from Lush, their incredible “Sleepy” cream. I love the use of pillow sprays, even if only for the scent. I adore This Works Pillow Spray but at £18 a pop and using it every night, it can turn into a pricey nightly routine. So I tried Boots Botanics Relaxing Lavender Pillow and Space Spray and it’s gorgeous. There’s something so soothing about the smell of lavender.

    As for the Lush Sleepy Cream – it lives up to it’s reputation! Undoubtedly you’ll sleep well after dipping into this dreamy lotion, made with a gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and comfortingly sweet tonka absolute. It smells bloody delicious and is that lovely thick texture. Although it says slather it all over your body I actually only put it on my arms and chest; areas that would be near my sense of smell during the night. Its amazing – when I was in Lush the other day a lady was eyeing the pots up and I just told her to buy it! Wonderful stuff.

    My final godsend of a product was a recommendation from the gorgeous Chloe from Lady Writes. It is the Space Masks and they are so good it’s like a miracle. When I wore one for the first time, I slept 8 hours straight. For a pregnant lady who pees like a racehorse, MIRACLE! I don’t even understand how they work but they warm up once against your skin and magically relax you. They are my miracle find and I love them.

    The Next Chapter

    So as you can see, I am doing all I can to fight this insomnia and get as much sleep as I can. Because as Josh taught me, babies don’t give two shits about your lack of sleep.

    One thing I am doing at the moment is embracing my time with Josh whilst it’s still just him and I. I am appreciating every moment of him even when he’s being a bugger and launching cheerios across the kitchen. We’ve always been a little team, and now we’re going to have a third team member come in and cause much loved chaos. I am lucky I’ll have my husband with us for the first three weeks after the birth, but  as I remember from last time, before I know it, he’ll be back at work and it’ll be down to just me trying to tackle two little demanding humans that will test me to my limits and remind me on a daily basis that love knows no bounds.

    Me and My Sidekick! Soon to be joined by Team Member 3!

    Going through pregnancy again has made me realise just how lucky I am to have been a ‘work-from-home’ Mama since the day Josh arrived and to have been able to have spent all of our days exploring and learning together. I have got to watch Josh grown and change and develop and it’s been amazing and I can’t wait to then watch his little brother or sister grow with him and their relationship develop.

    It goes without saying that there are harder things about this pregnancy – nap times are basically non existent when you have a hyperactive toddler who needs entertaining and that’s pretty tough. Tiredness can hit like hell halfway through the day and with Josh having no concept or care for my desire to nap, it can be challenging.  But the pros outweigh the cons and going through this time again is so exciting. I continue to embrace every moment of my pregnancy. Every time I feel a kick, it’s like it’s the first time of experiencing them all over again. It’s so wonderful. I am so grateful for every moment – every inch of me is so thankful and grateful from my head to my difficult to reach toes!




    1. Siobhan
      September 13, 2017 / 10:40 pm

      Such a sweet post 🙂 totally get the morning sickness thing but it’s all totally worth it 🙂 xx

    2. September 14, 2017 / 5:59 am

      And the fastest ever pregnancy award goes to Fi! How are 6ku halfway through already? Insomnia ducks, I had it too when I was pregnant and it’s so annoying. Glad your bedtime routine is helping a it..I keep seeing this sleepy stuff everywhere, must be amazing xx #coolmumclub

      • beautybabyandme
        September 14, 2017 / 1:42 pm

        Ha ha I know it’s flying by isn’t it! xx

    3. September 14, 2017 / 6:52 pm

      Ah, I feel all sleepy just reading about your gorge sleep products! I love a pillow spray and have one from Rituals that just sends me to a lovely sleepy zone!
      This post just oozes happiness and gratitude – something thats all too easy to overlook some days. Thanks for bringing it home, as always xx
      Thanks too for hitting #coolmumclub Maverick! x
      MMT recently posted…#CoolMumClub Linky week 76My Profile

    4. September 15, 2017 / 10:04 am

      ah I was in your position this time last year. Pregnant with number two and very excited. It’s so hard suffering from pregnancy fatigue when you have a little one to run around after already. And yes I recall the insomnia all too well! Great tips for a bedtime routine for grown-ups here, I find switching off all devices, like my iPad and phone, an hour before bed works wonders for relaxation. All the best with your scan! Xx #blogcrush

    5. September 15, 2017 / 10:45 am

      Ah, I’m so interested to read your elective c-section post: I’ve been offered one, and am currently trying to decide whether to take it or not, so will look out for that!

    6. September 17, 2017 / 12:41 pm

      Aw it really does go so much faster the second time around doesn’t it?! Sounds like you’ve had a hard time of it with the sickness, hope it subsides for you soon. I was quite lucky not to have the sickness during my second pregnancy but can totally relate to the tiredness. It’s so hard with a toddler to look after too – mid afternoons are the worst! No long now lovely x #coolmumclub

    7. September 18, 2017 / 1:47 pm

      Wow I need to try that face mask!! I’m lucky if I wake up less than twice a night, usually three times and I’m shattered too as my daughter has just about stopped napping (although we have just got a nap after a week thank the Lord, hence blog time!!) It definitely goes faster this time around. Loving sort of sharing this journey with you xx Now off to find that mask! #coolmumclub
      Susie at This is me now recently posted…24 weeks pregnant – a bit of an updateMy Profile

    8. September 18, 2017 / 7:13 pm

      Aaaw it’s so lovely to hear how your pregnancy is progressing! I remember the tiredness of trying to cope with a toddler AND be pregnant at the same time – it really is tough. I think a bedtime routine is a really good idea. I sometimes go through phases of insomnia and, once I realise that it’s happening frequently again, I go back to having a proper bedtime routine and it soon sorts it out. #blogcrush
      Lucy At Home recently posted…Blogcrush Week 31 – 15th September 2017My Profile

    9. September 23, 2017 / 8:47 pm

      Ahh I’m pregnant with my second too and can’t believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. Glad the sickness is subsiding for you – it’s so awful feeling poorly, especially when you can’t just get back into bed!

      Thanks for the Lush product suggestions – I’m going to get the pillow spray! x

      • beautybabyandme
        September 28, 2017 / 12:02 pm

        Ahh Congratulations. I hope the products help. xx

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