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  • Pregnancy Vs Sleep!

    So from the title, guess who’s winning!

    Oh sleep how I miss you!

    When you’re pregnant everyone tells you to rest; get all the sleep you can now because you won’t get any once the baby comes along. Remember those days of 11 hours sleep – well you will soon be at the point where a mere solid five hours will be like a sweet gift from God!!!

    And this is all understandable; we all know babies come along, all cute and squidgy and with one mission in mind; to absolutely exhaust you. It’s a given – do you know a single Mum who isn’t tired! No!

    However, what people fail to tell you is that by around month five of your pregnancy your body decides to prepare you for that lack of sleep. Despite being in dire need of rest, sleep and any form of relaxation, baby and body decide that No, you will suffer early doors because you are going to be shattered for the next few years so you may as well get used to it.

    To add to the fun of said sleep deprivations torturous ways, all manner of charming side effects can coincide with your lack of sleep. Restless legs; that’s a fun one – said no one ever! Restless legs tormented me the whole way through my pregnancy with Josh and have done so again this time. It is truly one of the most antagonising feelings; you want to jerk your legs about for no apparent reason and it feels as though something is crawling up and down them and if you don’t get up and have a walk around you’re going to lose the plot! Because walking around always helps you when you need to sleep right…..!

    Another charming side effect is heartburn. I’ve not experienced this until these later stages, but along with restless legs it appears just when you don’t need it! It’s difficult enough as it is to get comfortable during pregnancy so these things do not help one bit. Between these frustrations and trying to find a position that is of comfort (please make sure you lie on your side though – if you want to read more information on the importance of this please check out the sleep on side campaign run by Tommys charity) it’s no surprise that sleep becomes somewhat of a longed for luxury.

    When you’re mentally high fiving yourself for managing a mere 5 hours solid sleep and feeling relieved when you wake up at 5am because you now consider that a full nights rest, you know you’re in the world of sleep deprivation. And this is before the baby has come along to wake you personally. Having said that, they give it a pretty good try – as soon as I lay down for the night and finally get comfortable clinging on to my mammoth pregnancy pillow, the baby decides it’s rave o clock and starts moving like there’s no tomorrow. I relish in every moment of feeling the baby move though and we tend to play a little game where I give my bump a poke in response to it’s kicks and we go back and forth like that until my common sense reminds me “you need to bloody sleep woman”!

    When Mama Mio comes to your rescue!

    So what are the solutions. Look let’s face it, you can’t always find a solution to the hell that is pregnancy insomnia. It can be part and parcel of the pregnancy and it’s more a way of managing it. I’ve tried quite a few different ideas and products that haven’t made much difference. However the lovely people over at Mama Mio picked up on my hideous lack of sleep and vowed to help me improve my sleep with the aid of their sleep easy kit. So for the first night in a while, this week I was actually quite looking forward to bed time rather than dreading what felt like the inevitable battle of trying to get some rest.

    The first part of my “please God let me sleep” bedtime routine was a long warm (not hot) bath. I used the Sleep Easy Bath Oil and first thing to say is a little goes a long way – don’t slug loads in because you don’t need to and if you do, you’ll run out before you know it. The oil is so luxurious; it is fragranced with organic Sunflower Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil, and is rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9 for skin moisturising, nourishing, firming and soothing. The scent is instantly soothing, calming and leaves your skin feeling soft. Having a warm bath in itself is relaxing anyway and does tend to help me sleep initially for that first portion of the night, as well as helping calm those cruel restless legs. So this was a welcome pre bed treat.

    When you’re pregnant you become accustomed to slathering all manner of oils, lotions and potions on your bump usually in the vain hope you won’t get any stretch marks, but also as a bit of a bonding thing with your bump. Most of us Mamas to be will already be well aware of the amazing range of bump butters you can get from Mama Mio and included in the Sleep Easy kit was the award-winning Tummy Rub Butter is now available in a relaxing lavender and mint fragrance. This incredible super-elasticising Omega-packed blend of organic oils in an organic Shea Butter base helps to protect tummies (and boobs, hips and thighs) from pregnancy stretch marks. The combination of the velvety formula and calming lavender scent is such a comfort before turning in for the night and I really do think that way of bonding with your bump combined with the lavender scent genuinely relaxes you and helps you get ready for a good nights rest. It’s become a part of my nightly routine I really look forward to especially as “bump” seems to love the little tummy massage.

    The final product included is the Sleep Easy Pillow Spray. Oh joy of joys, as if I wasn’t already loving these relaxing scents enough, this is the cherry on a lavender infused “you will sleep” cake.  The blend of oils in the spray combined with the products you’ve previously used are the the perfect way to relax your mind and give you that “I’ve just left a spa” feeling. Each product in the kit is infused with sweet mandarin, chamomile and of course, lavender and the combination of the three is magical. I know there are A LOT of products out there that are aimed at us pregnant women, promising us no stretch marks and a dreamy nights sleep, and let’s be honest, a fair few are a bit of a gimmick. But I can honestly say this Mama Mio set is actually rewarding me with some decent rest. I think using the products as I’ve described as a bedtime routine (not just for babies these bedtime routines) and indulging in them as a much deserved treat combined with a bath makes all the difference.

    Pregnancy is not always the easiest thing in the word, as much as it’s something to be hugely grateful for. The tiredness can knock you for six, even more so if you have other children to look after. And us Mama’s need a treat now and then. I guarantee most of us don’t reward ourselves enough beyond the occasional “oh it’s actually hot” coffee. So if you are a tired Mama, or Mama to be I cannot recommend the Sleep Easy kit enough.

    When someone steals your pregnancy pillow

    Disclaimer: Mama Mio kindly gifted me a Sleep Easy Kit but all opinions and words throughout are entirely my own. 



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