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  • Starting The Week With A Grateful Heart

    Ohhhh it’s early! 5.36am on a Monday morning to be exact. But I woke up super early this morning and thought I’d make the best of an early morning situation and “get my blog on”!

    I like doing these gratitude posts; I am inspired by lovely friend Emily and her weekly gratitude lists. So what better way to start off the week than by writing my own!


    Oh wow – the weather this week has been immense! We have been out and about for walks every day and as I always say, sunshine is so good for the soul! We’re so lucky with where we live as there are so many lovely walks right on our door step and getting Josh out in the fresh air always makes him so happy and, bonus, it pretty much always guarantees he will sleep well that night!

    Uh Oh!!!!!!!

    Sunshine <3


    There is a lot of cuteness down on the family farm at this time of year. We have our annual lambing weekend over Easter when the farm is open to the public and you get to come and cuddle the newborn lambs, see the newborn calves, see the teeny tiny chicks and generally have a good old nose round the farm! It’s brilliant and it makes me so grateful that Josh and my niece and nephew get to grow up and see this all the time. They have such a lovely time running around like nutters and playing. If you’re in the Cromer area over the Easter holidays you should come and visit! All the details are here.

    “Mate, how do we tell him he’s messing with our lunch”!

    Just two of the many adorable lambs down on the farm


    A random one for the list but I’d be in more hayfever hell than I’m already in if it wasn’t for these magic little pills! I seem to get hayfever worse and worse each year! Thank God I can take something this year; the previous two years I’ve either been pregnant or breastfeeding and had to rely on just some weird wax stuff that I dabbed around my nose and which sadly didn’t seem to help at all! So I’m very glad I can take something that actually helps (marginally)! As pretty as those yellow rapeseed fields are, they are the worst for these sniffles and itchy eyes!

    Enjoying the garden even when I can’t bloody breath!


    Josh and I had a day on our own on Saturday and we really made the most of it. I know that sounds a bit daft as we are together every day pretty much but we just had a really lovely day. In the morning we went to the shops to get him some new togs for a wedding we’ve got coming up at the end of the month and then in the afternoon I took him to a beautiful place called Snape Maltings in Suffolk. It was 7 years since my Gran was laid to rest and back then I had gone to Snape Maltings and laid down some bright yellow daffodils with the intention to go back every year and do the same. So this year I took Josh with me. I know he won’t have had much understanding of what I was telling him but I will continue this tradition every year and tell him all about his Great Granny. We had the perfect sunny day for it too. We came home and had dinner together and then we both ended up having an early night. It was one of those days where you feel so content and calm.

    A daffodil for Great Granny

    A very special place

    Our Saturday night dinner date!


    I’ve already touched on this in my recent post but I am so grateful for my amazing blogging gals this week. After a testing week, where I was seriously doubting myself and my blog, I got some incredible support and encouragement from a group of friends, half of whom I’ve yet to actually meet, yet who I speak to every day and who inspire me more than they realise. Blogging isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to make a career out of it, and the last thing you need or want is to question yourself in your abilities. To be part of a community where on the whole, we build each other up, is an honour. I love you ladies!


    I am very excited. We have booked a weekend with our friends who also have a one year old, to go to Centre Parcs in June! I can’t wait. I felt a bit bad when Sam had asked me if I wanted a holiday this year and I didn’t really have much of a response. The reason being is I didn’t know if I had the energy to faff about going abroad, stressing about slathering on suncream and repeatedly legging it to the sea to rescue my feral child who is intent on getting into any water he sees! We are lucky that Centre Parcs is only an hour from us, and it’s the perfect opportunity to leave the Dads with their babies whilst my friend and I  disappear off to the spa for a much deserved pamper! I know I’ll actually relax there and for this year it’s all I want!


    I’ve got a whole other blog post in the pipeline for this but a quick mention for some amazing new products that have come out just in time for summer including L’oreals Miss Baby Roll Mascara which is just amazing at holding a curl in your lashes, and the latest Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask this time infused with calming Chamomile. Look out for a new post coming up which will feature these goodies and more later this week.

    WHAT ELSE…..

    Flowers and Bubbles! Sometimes you’ve got to treat yourself!

    • So much good TV! I am hooked on Made in Chelsea (oh how I love it), Broadchurch, and Line of Duty! I love it when you get into a good series.
    • H&M; simply because they fund my standard baggy t shirt and skinny jean uniform on less than £20! Winning.
    • Tea. Simply because I am up at 5.30am on a Monday blogging
    • Winning £50 on the Grand National……..I might need to get myself some cute pink pumps for summer!
    • Spring flowers. Because, you know, I’m obsessed with flowers!
    • Pain au Chocolat. Didn’t even know I liked them. Ate 6 over the weekend…. turns out I love them!

    Have a great week everyone


    Smiles from us!

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    1. April 11, 2017 / 6:21 am

      Lots of reasons to feel gratitude and subshine is an instant winner for me. Thanks for joining us for #marvmondays x
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