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  • Time for a Babymoon

    Possibly One of My Most Favourite Photos of Josh Ever

    So if you follow my Instagram (oh go on, give me a follow, if only for the unedited realistic view of parenting usually with zero filter and mass chaos), you’ll have noticed that last week we took a little family trip away.

    We went on a babymoon when I was pregnant with Josh and it was so lovely so I was very keen to do the same. We’d been talking about a break, just the three of us, for a while; we’d considered a holiday abroad before I came to my senses and reminded myself that I have a toddler who doesn’t stay still and the “break” would have consisted of us tag teaming it to prevent him from continually launching himself into the ocean.

    After much discussion, it was decided we’d go to the Cotswolds. I have always wanted to go to Bath which was nearby and we are a bit old and boring now, and simply content with going for walks and having pub lunches. And that’s exactly what we did!

    We found an amazing little place to stay thanks to Air bnb, which was actually on a farm. The owners had an incredible, and very large house, and our part was like a little upstairs flat. It never felt like we we really in someones house though as it was so big and we had our own separate entrance. The flat had everything we needed, space for Josh to run around and nothing there that could be broken (a lot of the quaint cottages we found on our search were beautiful but full of old bookcases full of literature and ornaments that Josh would have happily destroyed)!

    Cosy reading corner!

    So we were very settled. The location was perfect for places to go for walks, and was only a 20 minute drive from Bath. Ahhhh my beloved Bath. Having always wanted to visit, it didn’t disappoint. In fact I now want to move there (the husband is opposed – he says it would be a bit of a commute)! It was up there with Edinburgh as one of the prettiest cities I have ever gone to. And one of the things that really struck me was how warm and friendly everyone was; normally in cities everyone is busy busy busy, wrapped up in their own rushed journey to pay attention to anyone else. Everyone here was so nice! Another reason to move right!

    Beautiful Bath Abbey

    Relaxing (!) in Bath Gardens!

    The famous Royal Crescent

    So why Babymoon?

    When we went when I was pregnant with Josh it was a reason to get away, just Sam and I. Opportunities were limited with the baby arriving and wanted to spend some quality time together. And to be honest, the same can be said of this time except now it was spending time together just the three of us. It’s beginning to dawn on me that Josh won’t just have us all to himself for much longer and I want him to relish in that for now. Perhaps that sounds daft or almost like I am spoiling him, but we’re a close little team. When team member number 4 arrives, undoubtedly things are going to change.

    Ironically Josh was unbelievably well behaved on our break. He was a joy, generally slept really well and charmed everyone we came across. Of course as soon as we got home he’s not slept or eaten as well but that’s a given; sods law.  But we made memories to treasure. And just as importantly, I felt myself physically relax!

    I am a bit of a worrywart. I like things in somewhat of a routine, I like to know what’s going to be done and when. I like to know Josh will eat at this time, go to bed at that time and so on. Something on this break just made me go with the flow. We just took each day as it came and still Josh was always in bed by 7.30 at the latest, sleeping like a dream and even eating his meals when we were out and about. Happy Mummy equals Happy Baby remember; relaxing seem to do us all the world of good. And of course these good feels can only be a positive for that little bubba growing on the inside!

    My Beautiful Boy

    His New Game – No Idea Why!!!

    Team Lairy Lads

    And of course, a break gives you time to think, consider the next big chapter and how things are going to change again. Sometimes it feels as though I’ve only just got used to being a Mummy to one – now I am halfway to being a Mummy to two. It’s a lot to get your head around; how will I cope with two, will I be able to breastfeed again (please God yes), will Josh still get enough attention, will baby number 2 equally get as much attention as Josh did when he arrived.

    I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers. I just have faith that things will happen as they should. I will take each day as it comes, just as I did on holiday and just as I have in this pregnancy. I am so excited to meet our new arrival in January and I can’t wait to see Josh as a big brother – I know he’ll be amazing.

    Celebrating my 19 week bump with this cosy bargain I bought in Bath





    1. September 12, 2017 / 7:36 am

      Oh my word Bath is one of my favourite cities too. Isn’t it just so very beautiful? I said the same to my husband that I wanted to move there – maybe one day. I’ve never visited Edinburgh but it is on the list too. Glad you had such a gorgeous break. Hope everything going well lovely xx #DreamTeam
      justsayingmum recently posted…Oh, Hello, Bikini!My Profile

      • beautybabyandme
        September 14, 2017 / 1:42 pm

        Ah thank you my lovely xx

    2. September 15, 2017 / 12:45 pm

      Aaaw I’m so glad you were able to have such a relaxing time together. When you’re pregnant, it;s always that weird mix of being really excited for the baby coming but also fearing the change. It’s lovely that you were able to spend time together as your family of 3 and I’m sure you’ll all adapt once number 4 joins you 🙂 #dreamteam
      Lucy At Home recently posted…Blogcrush Week 31 – 15th September 2017My Profile

    3. September 17, 2017 / 9:35 pm

      It’s great Josh was so good for your trip away. Bath looks fabulous – the abbey, in particular, is stunning! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. Thank you for sharing with us at #BloggerclubUK x

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