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  • Times are a changing

    So with everything that has been going on with Josh the last couple of months, I failed spectacularly in the bloggers rite of passage in writing a one year update on my second baby.

    Poor old Holly – this is the story of her life; second child syndrome and all that! But bless her heart, she is a happy little soul. One big and recent milestone we’ve hit is that she’s going to be starting nursery next week, just for one morning a week. Today I’ve been filling in her “all about me” book to send in with her on her settling in session; you write a bit about the child and things they do and don’t like. I have to admit I found this amusing…..

    “How would you describe your child”

    A feisty, stubborn, cheeky little madam who doesn’t give two shits if she’s not meant to be doing something – if she wants to do it, she’s gonna do it!

    “What does your child like”:

    Eating, endless attention focused on her, tormenting the cat, emptying Mummys bag repeatedly, laughing when Mummy says “No”.

    “What does your child dislike”

    Any time I leave the room, running out of food, being ignored, not being picked up every 3.6 seconds

    “How can we help your child settle in with us”

    Continually give her food and attention the entire duration of her session and you’ll be golden.

    I think it’s safe to say those questions sum up the firecracker that is Holly Elsie. In all honesty she does absolutely crack me up. Her latest trick is when you’re changing her nappy, the second you’ve whipped that nappy off she crawls away at the speed of light laughing whilst I tear after her praying she doesn’t wee on the carpet. But as much as I’m going “No Holly” I am inwardly trying not to laugh at the sheer cheek of her!

    We’ve gone through a couple of big transitions of late. As I have already said, she is going to be starting nursery which I think will be so important for her. For one thing she is super clingy at the moment and it’s driving me insane, and secondly I really want her to be around other children. We do have plenty of play dates and of course she has Josh around all the time, but I am conscious that she’s not having that typical brother sister relationship. He shows little to no interest in her other than that she annoys him when she crawls around after him. I know it’s not Josh’s fault, but it’s also not her fault so it’s important to me that she sees other children will be interested in playing with her and she can build those relationships. I like to hope that in turn that will also encourage her patience and understanding of Josh’s condition.

    The other big change for us this past week has been that I’ve decided to stop breastfeeding. For me this was a big thing. Holly will be my last baby and that means my days of breastfeeding are over. I am so proud of how long I’ve fed for – Holly has been breastfed for 13 months and Josh was for 14 months. That’s 27 months, over two years of my life, dedicated to feeding my babies at all hours of the day or night. I have loved it; the bond I felt from it (good old Oxytocin) and knowing when they’re poorly they’re getting milk tailored to meet their needs.

    But Holly really wasn’t showing an interest in it anymore and to be honest it was good timing. I’ve felt the need to claw back a bit of me recently. My body, my mindset. Now that she has stopped feeding it means that I can finally leave her for a night for some much needed fun and an evening out; case in point, me and the bestie have booked ourselves a night away in a couple of weeks. We’re in the same boat, our babies are the same age and we both just want to go out, get dressed up and feel good for an evening drinking prosecco and not chatting about poo, maternity bras or In the Night Garden!

    So for me it feels like there has been a real shift in things recently. A change but an almost welcome one. Holly will love nursery, it will do her good and it will give me a chance to, gulp, delve back into the world of work. Something I never thought I’d want; I always wanted to be a stay at home Mum. But as with everything to do with babies, it isn’t until they’re here and reality hits and you think about things a little different. I wouldn’t go back to work full time because I couldn’t bear to be apart from the kids that much – I am a clingy Mum!!! But a couple of days a week will be perfect and give me something to think about that keeps my brain from turning to mush!

    So who knows what the next chapter will bring, for all of us, but I am pretty excited about it.


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    1. wendy
      March 6, 2019 / 1:33 am

      Ahh little Holly, how are you already one? I hope starting nursery goes well for her and starting back at work goes well for you xx

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